Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saving all my love for you...

February in pictures: 
At the beginning of the month, we had a couple visitors from WA come stay with us. I was super pumped, and Q just couldn't get enough of them. Brad had other friends that he went and hung out with on occasion, but Nick was all ours for a couple days and it was awesome. Q was super sad when they left, and asks about them pretty much every day.  She loves visitors. 

Thus is what my Valentine's shelves ended up looking like. They were pretty festive. At first I thought it looked like cupid had vomited Valentine's day all over, but then I got into it and liked it. 

For school, Q had to decorate a shoe box for their Valentine's exchange. She didn't have shoeboxes, so we decorated a FRuit snacks box instead. I modge podged the paper on, and Q did all the rest. She was pretty proud of her box. Here she is ready for her party at school. 

On actual Valentine's day we got to spend the day with family which was super fun. Q and I met Aunt Peggy for lunch at Happy Sumo, and had some delicious sushi...yummmm. plus, for dessert we tried a one of the caramel apples at the Rocky Mountain CHocolate place...and it was delicious. Later we met up with Peggy, Courtney, and Kendall and did some Wedding dress shopping for Courtney. It was so fun. Q was in heaven surrounded by all these princess dresses, and enjoyed helping Courtney walk from the dressing room to the mirrors. Unfortunately, Courtney didn't find "the dress" while we were with her, but we had fun anyway. 

Q is a ball of energy, and likes to be doing stuff all the time. Every night she asks me what we are doing the next day, and it can be exhausting.  I'm dreading this summer and trying to entertain her every day for three months, so I am trying to figure out camps, classes, activities that she can do to help fill her day (and mine). I had read online that this gymnastics place in Orem let you come to one one hour class for free to see if you like it, and I jumped at the chance. Q loved it! Gymnastics stuff always makes me super nervous, cause I hate the thought of kids falling and hurting themselves, so it was a little nerve wracking watching her try stuff, but she really liked it, and wants to go back. So I'm probably gonna sign her up for a class or a camp this summer. 

she has minimal upper body strength, which she needs to work on.
For Presidents Day, both the girls had no school, so Kim and I wanted to get them out and about and let them play. So we went to the Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove. Their was a little bit of snow and ice on the ground, but the weather was perfect for playing outside, and the girls had a blast. Kim and I just stood or sat nearby talking, while the girls explored the play area. 

The girls kept asking Kim to spin them around on this thing, and were loving it. Until Q started getting a little quiet, and we knew she was not okay. She softly fell back off the tire, and was super dizzy. So we sat and rested for a couple minutes, and then she was back to running around on the play area. 

Q had her 6 month check-up at the dentist, and again no cavities. She did so good sitting there getting her teeth cleaned and checked. 

I used to to gag so much with the flouride that my dentist would apply the flouride gel to my teeth with a q-tip instead, Q was a champ. 
Ever since we had gone to the circus and the girls saw a face painting booth (that we were unwilling to pay for), they have wanted their face painted. So one day Kim obliged and painted everything they requested. They thought they were so cool. 

Q loves watching the LeapFRog movies (which is great), and lately she likes to take "notes" on what she learns. haha. Her notes are mostly drawings, or random letters or scribbles, but I like the thought of it. 

While Peggy was still in town we went over to Cali's one night to hang out and chat. Q got some baby Willie time in, and she was happy. 

This girl is a ball of energy, and really keeps me on my toes, but she makes me laugh. 

February is over, and the weather is starting to warm up (it's sad when I consider 40-50 degrees warm), and I just know Spring will be here before I know it. Life is good.


Colleen said...

I love the pic where she is posing with her V-Day box. She's such a ham! Tommy has spun enough to get sick, I am glad Q was able to settle! Spinning has its fun limit!

Kim said...

My favorite pic is of her taking notes on the leapfrog video. She loves her little papers!