Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The girl is mine.

I was starting to wonder if I had become a once a month blogger. Recapping the happenings of Q & A, most of which was a repeat for anybody who followed me on instagram or facebook. But, maybe it was just the slow winter months that left me empty of exciting blog posts. Cause, this month, with the great change in weather came some excitement and blog worthy posts. I have enough stuff to make individual blogs for Easter and a cousin visit and of course my trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I know that a lot of the pictures are repeats for anybody to follows me on instagram or facebook, but I love having a tangible record of my life to print out and look at months, years later. Including the comments. I feel like those add to the narrative of my life just as much as my own words. 

So I will work on getting on my longer posts and for now leave you with a post on the crazy girl that is Qiana!

Man, I am loving this age. She is my best friend, and we have so much fun together. She is able to have some great conversations, is a great errand partner, and loves to snuggle whenever I want. She does a great job of entertaining herself, but loves it when I am able to play with her. She loves going to school and hanging out with other kids. It fascinates me some of the things that come out of her mouth, and the imaginative things that she comes up with. She loves to sing and dance, and is not shy about performing. She loves watching tv and movies, and (no joke) will repeat funny lines she hears over and over until she can quote them to me. I couldn't be more proud of her. 

Q recently finished her Polynesian Dance class and participated in the recital

She loved her teacher Auntie Lani

In an epic mom fail I realized my battery for my camera was dead when I went up to tape her, so I had to do it on my phone. But in an epic Q win, she knew the whole dance by herself and wasn't watching her teacher at all for help. I was very proud. 

One day when it was still windy and yucky, Q and I spent some time playing around in Toys r' us. I remember doing this all the time as a kid, and it was a great way to get out of the house. 

Q's been really into doing "fashion shoots" and is getting quite good at her poses. Tyra would be so proud. 

Kim has a great back yard, and Q loves to do anything involving outdoors. Elsie has some cute friends, that Q loves to hang out with too. 

One day after hitting up the gym, Q and I did a little park time near by. She's getting lots better climbing up stuff, and I have less of a panic attack watching her do so. 

another "photo shoot" This was her dress for St. Patty's day party at school She thought she was pretty hot stuff. 

Q loved the little scavenger hunt the "leprachaun" set up for her and really loved the gold coins she got at the end.

Q loves to "play music" and freestyles in her microphone.


Colleen said...

This is a fun age!! And Q is so cute. I LOVE the Hawaiian dance. What a fun class, and Q does it so well! Can't wait for the other posts, even though I do follow on FB and Insta!

Kim said...

How did I miss this blog post?

Qiana rocks! Loved seeing her hula performance.