Saturday, December 21, 2013

I found out long ago. It's a long way down the holiday road

Q and I have a few Christmas traditions that we love to do, and this year I felt like they were so last minute, but we got them all in and we loved it.

First, we see Santa when he comes to visit the Riverwoods mall. True story, we had gone another night to see him, and he was out! It was a real bummer to drive there and not see him...Q was not happy. So, to make up for it we drove around and looked at lights (another one of our traditions). There are two houses that we are particularly fond of, and check them out every year. Q is a big fan of christmas lights, so this is always a hit.

When we went back to see Santa, the line was huge and it was freezing out, but we were determined. We also ran into an old friend, Jonathan Mayne which was so fun! Q was excited to Santa and let him know what she wanted. 

Another one of our traditions, and one that I had as a kid was making gingerbread houses with the Woodruff's. Man, I love these people. Kyle and Jamie were kind enough to host us this year, and I got to see their beautiful new home. We were sad that Janice and Larry were out of town and we didn't get to see them, and of course missed all the other Woodruffs and Bates', but this yearly tradition just makes me so happy and Q loves it too. 

With Disneyland and such, funds were a little low this year so I was unable to send out christmas cards, which made me kind of sad. Then one day Q dressed herself up as an "elf fairy" and I had an instant e-card idea! 

We also got to see Elsie perform in her first piano recital and it was so great. She did so good, and Q was so proud. 

Yep, by the time Christmas came around we were sure in the spirit!

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