Sunday, December 1, 2013

thank you clarity thank you thank you

Q had a little Thanksgiving feast at her school and she dressed up for the occasion (hats they made at school)...although I think she could have also passed for an amish kid. 

Thanksgiving this year was pretty chill, but I loved it! That morning, Kim/Elsie, Kylie, Q/and I all met up to see "Frozen" (Aaron saw a different movie). Oh man, I just loved it...well we all loved it! And we have been obsessed with the music ever since.

That afternoon, Kim/Aaron/Elsie and a friend of their's met us at Tucano's for their Thanksgiving buffet. Which was DELICIOUS! It was so great to not have to cook, and clean up. I gorged myself on meats, grilled pineapple, and salads, and could barely breathe when we left. Afterwards we went to Kim's house to hang out and play. I was starting to feel kind of cold and sick (cough/sinus) and it quickly became something worse. I could barely swallow without pain, and I couldn't get warm. I had strep throat! I was stressing out, since Q and I were leaving for Disneyland in a couple of days, but luckily I had the office call in a prescription, and I got on that right away.
By Saturday I was feeling good enough to get our Christmas decorations up, since I wanted them up before we left. Q really enjoyed helping, and really loved her personal tree in her room.

By Sunday I was feeling lots better, and we were off to Disneyland!!

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