Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I just wanna see you be brave

Q inherited the gap in the middle of her two front teeth from both sides of my family. She loves the gap, and I think that's awesome, but I think she won't like it as much as she gets older so we took the first step in fixing that. She had a piece of skin connecting her upper lip to the middle of the teeth that needed to be removed...and frenulectomy to be exact.
She was a little nervous, this being her first time with anesthesia, but she did amazing! She sat so still, and even sang a little for the assistants. They were very impressed with her. She was a little sleepy that day, and had a bit of pain, but with some medicine and lots of ice cream she was totally fine the next day, and couldn't wait for the stitches to fall out.

ice cream face


We will have to see if, with the skin gone, her two front permanent teeth come in without the gap. If not, I'm sure braces and whatever else are in her future.

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