Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Lights, Camera, Action!

Q loves to perform. I think she was just born that way. She is not shy, and is quick to get up and entertain others. I love this about her. Although, I like performing as well, as a child I was so scared in front of people and I think that really hindered any success I could have had in that area. But not Q, she is not afraid. 
I signed her up for a little performance group here in Orem a few months ago (they have them in tons of cities), and she has just loved it! They sing, dance, etc and it just perfect for her. 
Last week they had their little recital for friends and family, and it was so fun watching her. They get to perform at Oremfest here this year and she is pretty excited about it. 

pretty darn proud of herself

The coach knew that Q needed to have this solo, and was confident that she would rock it. and she did!

Q nailed her line. I was so proud, and then even more proud that the trip didn't phase her at all. When I was young, this would have been devastating for me. My face would have gotten so red, and I wouldn't have recovered. Q just kept on performing. 

Q was so excited for Kylie to come watch, and even more excited to get her first bouquet of flowers

Q loves Kim and Elsie, and kept smiling at Elsie throughout her performance

So proud of this girl!
It was a great experience for Q, and she can't wait to start again in the Fall!

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