Saturday, August 16, 2014

This is how we do it...

20 years! 20 years since high school. Since I had seen pretty much all of these people. I was pretty excited when I first started planning my trip, I had been dieting and losing weight since the beginning of the year, and was excited to see people. Then as the time got closer I got really nervous. Nervous that nobody would remember who I was. Nervous that I would revert back to the shy high schooler of my past. Nervous! Then when I realized that my closest high school friends (liz and adila) would not be attending I got super nervous...I had nobody to show up with, and I was not showing up alone! So I got on Facebook and messaged a couple friends to see if I could tag along with them, and got a plan in place. Then I stressed about what to wear! I am not a "dressing up person" and spend my days in jeans and tee shirts, so this was terrifying for me. I went to tons of stores, and tried on tons of stuff, but in the end went with a dressed up black tee. I figured comfort wins! But I think I looked pretty good.
what a difference 20 years makes

the day of the reunion I was a ball of nerves. I told Q to be patient with me that day, and she was so cute with me. I got ready, making sure I looked cute and headed out. We were staying with Kristy and Trevor and they were nice enough to watch Q for the night. I got to the venue super early (I thought traffic would be worse with Seahawks game going on and it being a friday night in Seattle), so I literally circled the building a few times convincing myself it was all going to be okay. Then I sat in my car, and waited for my friends to arrive before I went in. but they were running late, and people were starting to notice me in my car, so I had to just bite the bullet and head in! As luck would have it, right when I was paying for parking another friend arrived and I headed in with her! When we got in they gave us name tags with our senior photo on them, and at first I was a little mortified to see that picture again, but then I thought it would help people remember who I was...and it did!  The party was in a special room above a 21 and older bowling place on Capitol Hill. The room got pretty stuffy, and nobody sat down all my super high peep-toe wedges that I picked out were a horrible idea for feet that were used to flip flops all day, so my feet KILLED at the end of the night. They had some yummy food, but I was too nervous or distracted to eat much.

At first everyone was kinda of separated into their own little high school cliques, so I was a little nervous and kind of just stuck to the people I really knew, but after awhile the groups joined together, and it was super fun! I talked to people that night that I don't think I had ever talked to in my life! Lots of the "popular girls" were still pretty stand off-ish but everyone else was super cool and the night ending up being so fun! I even got a few "lookin good!" from some of the "popular boys" so I was feeling pretty good about myself.

But the best part of the night was that after 24 years of being infatuated...some may say obsessed...with a certain boy (yes, I started to love in freshman year) I finally talked to him! Not only that but I told him that in high school he had my heart, and we laughed about it. (honestly though, he probably still does have my heart...i mean he's still hot). We even got a picture, and after I posted it on facebook, it is the only one from that night (that he's in) that he "liked" so you never know...may be at the 30th, things will really happen. haha.

The next day there was an informal picnic at the local beach park that Q and I went to. My friends Liz and Shannon went that day so I was excited to see them and visit! Q spent the whole time playing in the sand and on the playground, so it was great to just sit and talk for a couple hours. 

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