Friday, August 1, 2014

Cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues.

Summers in Utah are nice. There is lots to do, and of course lots of swimming that goes on. The weather gets pretty hot (for us), and we love to make sure we get in the water as much as possible.

We also were blessed to have some good friend time this summer. My friend Justin came through for a day and Q loved him. He was such a sport and played with her a lot! We also got to attend a baby shower for Aubrey! It was so nice to see her, and we were so excited for baby Clay to come. Aubrey is gonna be an awesome mom.  

One day Q decided she wanted to be a fashion designer, something I always loved to play when I was a little kid as well, and she got my old fashion plates, designed some outfits, then decided to get out fabric and see what she could do. She had a blast, and the next time Elsie came over the girls got to work on some more designs. 

Q and Elsie are so cute together! They are always being so creative and having fun together. Kim and Aaron had a garage sale and the girls really wanted to have a lemonade stand. They were not shy about asking people for business, and their cute smiles even got them some cash without lemonade-they were pretty proud of themselves. 

I got the opportunity to see some blasts from the past, some old friends from growing up and it was so fun! 

Adrienne and I are exactly the same age and I have known her my whole life. Our parents were friends growing up. In fact, I was at her house, at the age of 1.5/2, when she took scissors to blonde curly locks and cut all my hair off! haha. 

these ladies we knew in Bellevue from Newport ward. 

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