Monday, August 4, 2014

You may be right, I may be crazy, but I just may be the lunatic you're looking forone day On

Oh this Q! She makes me smile on a daily basis. She is just so funny, so creative, and such a sweetheart. She can be frustrating at times, but she always come through with a smile and an apology when she misbehaves, so it makes it all okay.

she made a Donatello out of pipe cleaners

we went bike shopping...this is the one she wanted..

this is the one we got...and I even put it together all by myself 

this is how she likes to sit

isn't she the prettiest little cowgirl ever?

her hair after playing in water...I just love it

Q has started practicing how to cry on command...crazy right

Q wanted to learn how to tie her own shoes, and she learned in a day

one day I was working on computer and Q came crawling out like this

before she wanted to color "okay wait mom, I just need to get in to my imagination for a sec"

more tears

the girl can pose!!

I got rid of my costume bin, most of the costumes were gross and didn't fit anymore, and I gave Q all my wigs...she, of course, had to try them all on. So Funny!

"this crown in comfy, it's the perfect nighttime crown"

"mom, someone attacked me"--yes she did this makeup on her own

I got her these gold leggings cause they reminded me of the show Solid Gold that I loved as kid

Q loves putting on her makeup and being a pretty princess

I mean, c'mon how precious is this

Q offers to rub my feet and scratch my back all the time. I love it. 

One day Q wanted me to straighten her hair. After we were done she promptly declared that straight hair "wasn't crazy enough for her personality". I totally agreed and we vowed to keep her hair curly and natural from now on. 

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