Tuesday, July 24, 2007

if you don't know me by now....

1. jc penney- sales clerk. To punish customers who didn’t put back their own clothes from the dressing room I would close the dressing
room entirely and make the customers walk to another section. I loved it.
2. sage hills golf c
ourse- pro shop employee. I know nothing about golf, but I do know that I liked hearing my voice over the loudspeaker and the punching matches me and my boss would have. I had so many bruises that summer.
3. botan hair sal
on- receptionist. I had my license, but I liked answering phones and counting money so much more. Plus getting all the stylists to love boy bands like I did was no small feat but I was up to the challenge.
4. credit union
- banker/teller. I worked in west valley, utah (carny central). Scary place but kind of fun. I like handling money and playing games with the other employees. One time I got this guy to count back change to a customer by using the president’s name that was on the bill instead of the amounts…hilarious.
5. dr. dave’s- transcriptionist (1996) and billing manager (2001-current). I couldn’t stay away. No, I love this job. I get to hang out with fami
ly, play on a computer all day, listen to music, and i don't have to talk to people unless I want to. Perfect.

1. kirkland, wa. 141st place shaped me as a human being.

2. bellevue, wa. house of roy and my high school days
3. laie, hi. some of the funnest times of my life. sun, sand, and school.
4. provo, ut. good and bad memories. everytime i try to leave something keeps pullin' me back...

5. moses lake, wa. it was always like a second home-a safe haven, and now it has become my real home.

1.Chinese foo
d (all time favorite)
2.Mom’s chicke
n and broccoli casserole
3.Grandma’s apricot pie, rolls, scones, and homemade bread
4.Mcdonald’s fries (although I haven’t had them in awhile)
5.Dreyer’s coconut fruit bars

1. cult classics-mallrats and swingers: Kevin smith is a
genius. Hilarious. Jon Favreau excellent writing. these two movies are amoung my favorite to quote.
2. musical-Moulin rouge and
strictly ballroom: both baz luhrman films. Both crazy, colorful, and exciting.
childhood movies-girls just want to have fun and neverending story: i can't get enough. i own both on dvd. have watched them too many times to count.
4. romantic comedy-bridget jones’ diary and edge of reason: funniest movies ever. I wish I was british and had two gorgeous men fighting over me.
5. classic-an affair to remember: old school romantic movie. Cary grant is my dream.

1. dominic Sandoval aka: dtrix
: amazing b-boy on so you think you can dance, who has managed to be amazing at everything else. Don’t doubt that I have watched his hip-hop routine by shane sparks like 20 times….

2. ryan gosling: nevermind his work in the notebook. He won me over twenty fold when I saw his interview on the ellen degeneres show. Plus he was on the mickey mouse club when he was younger so you know he can sing and dance.

3. chris brown: the kid can dance. oh man. he makes me happy.

4. john krasinski: as jim on the office he won over my heart. But yet again, in an interview with ellen he sealed the deal. his take on "project runway" was so funny. and he does one wicked ed grimley impersonation. So naturally funny.

5. Chris Lowell: “piz”
on veronica mars, and now on that grey's anatomy spin-off. Gorgeous. Musically talented. “Indie”, kinda geeky cool.


1. the office: we keep all the episodes on our dvr until they come out on dvd so I watch them over and over.
2. so you think you can dance: the level of skill on this show is outstanding.
3. usa network s
hows (monk, psych, dead zone, burn notice): if you are looking for guilty pleasure shows for the summer these will not disappoint. Especially monk. There is a reason tony shaloub has won a bunch of awards.
4. rescue m
e: just amazing. The writing, the acting….unbelievable. a little racier than regular network, but not as crazy as hbo or showtime. Just enough controversy to make it exciting,
5. the soup: I have a little crush on joel mchale, which helps. But this show is hilarious. He basically recaps everything that happened in pop culture throughout the week, and lets us laugh at it.


Myca said...

Hey ang I am so glad that I found you!! Hey jared wanted to say hi to you so here he is....

So I was flexing my buttcheeks in the mirror the other day and it looks devine. I've also been practicing my dance moves so I can keep up with dtrix. I'll see you in august lady.


Samantha said...

Oh Angie I love that you are starting to blog. I feel as though I have many many comments to add to this particular blog, but I will keep it down to two:
1) I love so you think you can dance. So so much.
2) I also love Jim from the office, and although I missed his interview that you referred to, I DIDN'T miss his interview on Conan OBrien, which was HILARIOUS. I watched it like 5 times. He is so funny I can't even stand it.

melanie said...

Oh where to start? The Facts of Life...perfect! Love the conversion of boy band, really it's priceless. I still smile when I hear me a boy band song and think back to those days!

Love your blog. Really so fun and SO addicting!

mumovearls said...

Love your Blog Angie It is going to be on my list of I gotta check outs! Thanks for being the fun, lovable cousin you are! nena

krystind said...

hi angie. i LOVE your picture. you are gorgeous. i hate having a full time job so i will probably be reading your blog a lot.. i still don't know how to work mine fully.

krystind said...

oh and dtrix's hip hop routine, the one that shane sparks did? cuz that one gives me little tingles.