Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ya got to keep your head up...

I don't even know where to start. i want to talk about my show and of course my man dominic, but it's just too sad right now. oh dominic....not your best night, but then again has anyone ever done really well on the waltz? poor guy. the look on his face as he was being critique by the judges was so sad and so painful. and of course, being the amazing guy that he is, all he cared about was that he let his partner down. oh how i love him. i stayed up last night and called for him for two hours, and i hope it helps. it's like mia said. he had one bad week...i hope it doesn't cost him.

how did everyone feel about the "anti-war" dance by wade robson?

i am always so baffled by the term "anti-war"...can someone really be "pro-war"? I mean, obviously nobody likes war, but sometimes it's the only solution right? do people sit around and think "man i could really use a good war right now"?

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ashleyboice said...

I have been waiting all morning for you to post about SYTYCD. Oh I felt so sad for Dom. I hate when they have negative things to say. I actually liked his Solo though. I hope he doesn't go. Kameron I think will go. Anyways as a lot of people know Wade Robson is on my top 5. I have really been thinking about my top 5 since you posted yours. So far I am only sure of two. But Wade Robson has ALWAYS been up there for me (unless of course he is talking and not dancing...he needs to get over himself sometimes). I liked his dance but I totally agree with you...Pro-WAR? I do wish though that every night was Wednesday.