Thursday, August 21, 2008

To forget about life for a while...

I have to admit I'm not doing to well lately. It feels like all of the sudden this pregnancy thing has gone from "it's not so bad" to "my whole body hurts". I am tired all of the time and my body has now decided to be in pain. My ankles and feet are constantly swelling, and I don't think having a job where I sit all day is helping. And now my hands have decided to join the party. From the moment I wake in the morning my hands are tingling and halfway through getting ready I can't feel my fingers at all--this numbness comes and goes all throughout the day...although lately it's been more constant. Throughout the day my wrists get tighter and tighter, and have a shooting pain in them, again not helped my the fact that I sit at a computer and type all day. I really need to work, up until the last possible day for obvious financial reasons, but my body is really fighting me on it. And this is just adding to an already stressful time.

One of the reasons why I put off buying a house for so long, was that the commitment scared me. I like the thought that if needed I could call my renter, pack up my stuff, and move on a moments notice. Then I thought it was time to grow up and plant some roots. And the ironies of all I need to pack up and move and can't. There has been no action on my house, not a single call to my real estate agent and I'm starting to really stress about it. I feel stuck in a house and a life that I can't handle and I'm slightly freakin out....and by slightly I mean a lot.

People say that everything will work out, but judging by the way my life has gone lately I don't know if that's realistic. We Bates kids don't exactly have the best luck with life lately, and I fear that things aren't gonna work out with all of this either. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but I'm also a who knows.

To make myself feel better, and to end this post on a positive note here is my


1. Dole Pina Colada juice! I am a sucka for a good juice, and Dole rarely disappoints, (try the Pineapple, banana as well) but this new juice has got me trippin'.. it's so delicious.

2. The men of "sisterhood of the traveling pants 2" movie: what was that casting call like..."are you hot?" "do you have a washboard stomach?"...then yes you can be in this movie.

Although I think they did a serious casting FAIL (jared) with the british dude...seriously was there no hot british guy you could have gotten...i'm pretty sure there are tons of them, but no you get the one the overly british teeth and floppy hair. bad idea.

good thing the hot asian and the hot black artist more than made up for it.

3. Bravo network: I love reality shows, and although I try to avoid watching every thing on tv, sometimes I catch a marathon of a show and am instantly hooked. This past weekend I got caught up on "million dollar listing"! These guys are such douches (there is a reason joel mchale makes fun of them on the soup), but I can't stop watching them. Project Runway and Shear genius are also rockin my world.

4. Summertime drinks at fast food restaurants: jack in the box has a divine list of fruit smoothies

taco bell is rockin the mango/strawberry frutista

and a&W has a delicious root beer freeze...add these to the BK Coke ICEE that I so love and we have enough delicious cold drinks to keep me satisfied all summer long.

5. Boyz II Men. I love having things to look forward to and in about one week I get to see my favorite group of all time in concert (my 5th time seeing them). I'm so stoked! The drive over to seattle probably won't be super awesome, but eating some good food, being with kimmie and my friends (my bestest good friend tamu is even flying up), and hearing Boyz II men sing their hits along with the sweet melodies of Motown will make it all worth it. Plus this is my last little adventure, probably for awhile, so I am going to enjoy every minute.


Brianne said...

Oh the joys of the last month of pregnancy. I feel for you and hope things get better. When I was pregnant with Mason I bought a great pregnancy pillow that I loved and it helped me sleep so much better.

Being a homeowner definitely has its pros and cons. I so miss it though. We want to buy a house but fear Tom will be transferred shortly after doing so. Have you considered having it as a rental?

I really hope things start looking up for you. You deserve the very best especially during this difficult transition in your life.

Oh also, I love Bravo and all the shows you listed. I have to say I really love Million Dollar Listing but the guys are tools.

April said...

Ahhh, Boys II Men, I remember us listening to them a LOT at BYUH.

And pregnancy......well, yeah, you'll get through it and have the best gift in the world and then somehow will forget how horrible the process was. I know since I did it again twice after the first "experience". :o) Never regret a second of it, although myreflection sometimes does.

Em K DUB said...

I can't wait for BOYZ II Men it's gonna be awesome! I'm sorry about your hands, but hey only one month to go right? Your baby no longer looks like a sea monkey on that babystrology thing. . . . a plus no?

Jill said...

I must say, the swelling is one of the major drawbacks to the whole pregnancy thing. Sadly, it doesn't get better until baby makes her appearance. My doctor started saying that about all my complaints and I always wanted to smack him.

Things never seem to go how we plan it seems, all I can say about the house and stress is it will eventually resolve and probably in a way you don't expect. Hopefully for the good and one day you can look back and be okay about it all.

dirty>south said...

#6 thing to make you happy: I am in the deleted scenes of that sisterhood movie. Look for me when it comes to DVD.

I've actually been swelling too, but baby.

Kimmy said...

Oh, Angie. I feel for you. I know life is sucky and hard and you're not feeling well to top it off...but, really, you're gonna make it! I know it. There's nothing wrong with feeling stressed. I love you and am here for you. We can always do the slow dance hold if you need to relax!!

mumovearls said...

Yah the joys of pregnancy... Something I know really to well... in the end it's all worth it though. (I know it doesn't right now)
Ok I was totally not going to ever watch sisterhood of the traveling pants because Ryan and Alysha had me totally convinced that it was about a venereal disease that was passed in the "traveling pants" I was so disgusted... Why am I so gullible?
Anyways... those guys are totally HOT and now that I know what it is about I'll see it.
Can't wait to hear about the concert..._n

Alyson said...

I totally agree with the boys of the movie. I know British guys are "supposed" to have messed-up teeth, but come on. It was nasty the whole time. Other than that, I give them a 9 on the whole!

Nina said...

I am sorry to hear that you are experiancing the "wonders" of pregnancy! :O) In two months it will all be me. When your holding and loving your new healthy baby you'll be happy you went through it.

As far as the house thing, rentals are really big right now. We are renting out our house in Wa. using a rental agency (so we don't have to be the "landlords") so someone else is basically paying for our equity in our house and gets us out of the monthly payment. We will then sell when the market changes and gets a little stronger.

I love the smoothies from Jack in the Box but will have to try the ones from Taco Bell!

Hope you have a GREAT time at the concert!!!!

Ashley said...

I know how you feel hun... at least with the whole pregnancy thingy. Hang in there... It'll all be worth it in the end! =) Good luck with everything. Things will get better. You're in our prayers!

Gwen Stoker said...

#7 You got super cute baby clothes on Saturday! Heck I'M excited and it's not even my baby!! and oh do I hear ya about the hot black artist! I'm pretty sure I want to paint him nudie. Dang you Rory Gilmore!!!

Colleen said...

The end of the pregs is the worst, and with your hormones going crazy it doesn't help! Even if your luck seems to suck right now, you are still a member of one of the most amazing families and you are going to be a FANTASTIC mama! Enjoy Boyz II Men!!!