Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cause you know where I'll be found..when I come around

I have so much to post for the events of the last couple of weeks, but I will have to do it in sections.

Let's start with Mitch.

As a mentioned before my brother Mitch was able to come visit for a couple weeks after his little excursion through Asia, and it was soooooo nice having him around. The Q took to him so quickly, and now that he's gone, keeps looking in his room for him. She loved him.

Mitch is one of the coolest people I know

and I can honestly say I enjoy spending my time with him. We ate (he cooked a couple of delicious meals, yippee), watched tv (I got him hooked on "intervention", late night with jimmy fallon, and "toddlers and tiaras"), and played with Q.

He is so good with the kids, and such a great uncle.

We really enjoyed having him around, and felt blessed to be able to spend a lot of one on one time with him. I have always felt very protective of my Mitch and now that my mom is gone, I feel it my responsibility to take care of him. I worry about him all the time, and hope one day he isn't so far away. But for now I cherish the time he is home and look forward to seeing him again soon.


Kimmy said...

I have loved being able to see Mitch with all our kids. He's so cute and sweet with them. You got some great pictures! If only we could get him living closer...but I guess you can't beat NYC!

krystind said...

i LOVE your hair.

Peggy Dee said...

It was so nice having Mitch around. He looked great. You can't help but love Mitch!

Peggy Dee said...

Angie I also want to say that for whatever reason (hair, makeup, weight, tan?) you look more beautiful than I have ever seen you look! You are gorgeous!!

ashleyboice said...

we had so much fun...and it was great to see mitch. Good job guys.

Alissa Maxwell said...

When we watched Top Chef last night, I was secretly hoping to see Mitch on the show. I did see the article in Bon Apetite about that restaurant he works in and thought the cartoon picture must have been based on him. So cool!

Larry and Janice said...

And we just missed Mitch in NYC by a couple of days. We got to see Tyson there last weekend for a crazy mega weekend. So glad Mitch is back home safe from Asia (the mom in me!) - and you guys are so close, even with all the distance!

dirty>south said...

We miss him too. The kids love him.

Oh, and i'm hooked on that tiara's show too. I want to be a stage dad.