Friday, August 28, 2009

It's tough getting older....what lies down the road

What has two hands and waves them in the air like she just don't care?

This girl!

..and you know why?
Cause tomorrow is my 11 month mark.
I would post tomorrow, but my mom believes weekends are for play not work...and I have to agree.

So what have I been up ask?

Well, I am officially and independently ON THE MOVE

While I am still working on my walking abilities, I decided to try this "crawling" thing, and let me tell you a whole new world has opened up to me.
I can now get in to sooooo many things, and it makes me smile.

My mom tries to tell me no, like all the time, but I just look at her, smile, and continue to do whatever I want...oh man is she in for trouble.

(angie: seriously my best mom voice doesn't even work)

I have also enjoyed my walker and love pushing it all around the room.

Here is my little photo shoot with my ride: I think I could totally be on the cover of Cars and motors for kids

I haven't given up on the walking thing yet, and enjoy making my way around the room holding onto mommy's hand.

Sometimes she tries letting go of my hand and makes me try and walk by myself....yeah I don't think so.

I'll just sit here and wait for you to help me mom.

Speaking of sitting, I have discovered this Qiana sized stool and have now made it my favorite lounge area.

Of course, sometimes I flip it over and use it as a teething post but whatev...I'm a baby, what do you expect!

I still haven't gotten any teeth, but I have sure enjoyed gnawing on everything mom tries to feed me, including these little gems...
ya I know I'm not breaking any stereotypes here, but man they are so delicious.

I also still enjoy the bottle, especially when I can have some licks of a sucker after....
(a meal isn't complete without dessert right?)

I also like to use my mouth for talking. I have so many great things to say, yet nobody seems to understand a word I am saying. idiots.

Yet they can understand those crazy hip hop songs...go figure. But, I do have to admit I love me some hip hop. Don't get me wrong, I can get down with all types of music but my mom just has to put on a good hip hop jam, and I whip my head around-look for the music-and start moving.

I like it best when my mom gets up to dance, cause I can walk right over to her and she picks me up and we dance together...that really gets me laughing. I love dance parties!

I still love playing with toys, especially measuring cups, mommy's shoes, and anything paper.

Love watching my shows, but have branched out to include Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, thanks to my cousin Elsie

and Yo Gabba Gabba...I love the dance breaks and singing...although the show kind of freaks my mom out a little bit.

Man, all this eating, crawling, walking, talking, and dancing sure makes me I love when I can nap and go to bed at night. My mom thinks I sleep kind of funny sometimes, but hey you gotta do what you gotta know?

(yep that's her sitting indian style, completely folded is this comfortable?)

It's usually pretty obvious when I am ready to sleep but just in case to, let mom know when I am tired I take her hand and rub it on my face and hold it on my cheek....that does the trick.

Life is good folks.
Peace Out!

The Q


Kimmy said...

I'm so glad you had Q write a post. I've been wondering what's she's been up to! That's cool that she's got a little crawl goin' on. Grandma must be proud! Elsie loves our little stool just like that. She takes it all around the house. I love reading posts like this because it takes me back to when she was that age, and I get nostalgic. (Not that she's super old or anything...just so much has changed!) Love you, Q!

dirty>south said...

her crawl rules, but yeah you're in trouble now. i like that photo where Elsie is feeding Q the bottle. it's kind of like Elsie's trying to pose and Qiana's like "ooo, don't mind if I do."

lindsay>boo said...

She's adorable. I can't believe she's almost 1 year old. It's crazy how time flies.

Colleen said...

Qiana is so AMAZINGLY cute! It kills me, her cuteness! Her stylish clothes, her sweet sass, all of it. Only one of my boys had teeth at 11 months too. And I love the face/hand rub when she is sleepy, how sweet!