Monday, August 3, 2009

cause they knowing that this is the place to be to let it all out...But when the weekend come, the weekend come

Our weekend was simply fantastic!
First off.....Mitch is here!
My little traveler has returned home, and it has been so fun having him around. We have spent most days in the pool or hanging out around the house.

At night he usually goes out with his friends, but who can blame him I'm usually in bed by 9:30 anyway.
Qiana took to him right away, and gives him big smiles and was completely fascinated with his facial hair. Mitch is so quick to play with her, or try and make he laugh. It's so cute.

While in the pool Q became completely enamored with the basketball, and was completely content to chill in her watermelon floatie playing (licking mostly) with that ball. It was pretty cute.

In this past week Q has really FOUND her tongue and is sticking it out all the time. Sometimes it's the whole tongue

and sometimes it's just the tip of it, which is so freakin' cute.

Saturday night Emily, Qiana, Clinton, and I headed up to the Grand Coulee Dam for the laser light show.
Clinton seriously hooked us up with drinks and treats, while Em and I brought the KFC.

We got their early enough to sit around, eat, play some cards, and kind of slightly die from the heat...seriously is was soooo hot.

Qiana was getting pretty tired, but couldn't fall asleep i think because of the heat. I even put her in her stroller and walked up and down the parking lot a few times, but the girl just couldn't give in to the tired.
It started to get dark so we found our place on the lawn and got ready for the "magic".

While we waited...
Qiana enjoyed playing with Clinton

While Em and I tried to get a good "hey look, we are at the dam" shot. The wind blew my hair in my face last minute....nice :(

This isn't the best video, but I had to try and capture my favorite part of this horribly cheesy, yet suprisingly entertaining and informative light show that takes place across the Grand Coulee dam. The music and effects haven't changed since the 80's but this little ditty never goes out of style.
p.s.....the green things is an eagle that flies around the dam.

Sunday we headed over the jeff and becky's (it was her birthday) to visit with them, tom/gail, grandma, and kelsey and have some of my grandma's homemade peach, banana cream, and lemon pie. DELICIOUS!
Oh then we headed home and ate some delicious green curry, with chicken and rice that my brother had made....oh man it was good.


Kimmy said...

Yes, I am jealous! You really did have a perfect weekend.

Qiana looks cute as usual! Mitch looks so grown up! And, you, my darling, are one hot momma!

Colleen said...

It sounds so great! It's fun to see pictures of Mitch. I haven't seen that kid since, well, he was a kid! I was going to ask if the light show had changed since I last saw it in 1993, but you answered that already. My favorite part is right at the beginning..."I am the Mighty Colombia."

Emily said...


seriosly! This was good times!!! Thanks for going! I love that you are still up for adventures!