Tuesday, September 22, 2009

she got her own thing, that's why i love her, miss independent..ooh the way you shine, miss independent.

Overnight Q has become little miss independent when it comes to eating.

She wants to put things into her mouth herself, and if I get a spoon of food in there, most often she will pick it out with her fingers and put it back in herself. I tell her "no Q, keep it in your mouth", but she gives me this face and takes it out anyway....what am I going to do with her.

what a mess!
I am not an OCD person, nor someone who considers herself a "neat freak", but messy eating, soggy food on hands and faces, and food on clothes and hair...gross me out!

I know this is something that I am just going to have to get used to, but man...even posting this picture right now makes me uneasy.
But Q loves it. she loves feeding herself, and I can't get the food onto her tray fast enough.

She also loves to squish the food into her hands (ughhh), which makes the clean-up really awesome for mommy.
But I guess this is what is supposed to happen. I guess I can't feed her, wipe her face, then feed her again for the rest of her life...right? I mean that would be weird...right...okay you're right that would be weird.
Qiana has also mastered "the straw" and ever since she sipped on her cousin elsie's sippy cup with a straw in california she has been obsessed with straws...so I got her a cup of her own. I also got a regular sippy cup without handles...she wasn't a fan of the sippy cups with handles cause she loves holding it like a real cup, and the handles just got in the way. such a big girl.

Speaking of eating I need some ideas....
Staring next week (Q turns 1) the bottle is over, and I sm stuck trying to find something to feed her in the mornings before we leave for daycare. I don't have much time in the morning, so I need something quick and easy. So all you mothers out there....any ideas?
FYI: Q is not a fan of yogurt (nor any other "creamy" foods that have a textured similar to baby foods) so that is out as an option.

Oh. another funny thing about Q, that I have been meaning to post about forever...she loves my feet and legs and uses them as chairs, rides, or armrests...all the time. is this normal? :)

While watching tv I always put my legs up on the ottoman. Qiana will then purposely straddle my leg and ride it like a toy, or make me bounce her up and down like a rodeo bull....she loves it....my thighs do not.

If I have my feet on the ground she will sit her butt right on them, like a chair....why she does this, I have no idea.

such a weird girl. good thing she's so cute. hahahahaa


melanie said...

I hate the eating mess but with Reed, I've let it go and he's a fairly good eater. He likes to feed himself oatmeal but it sounds like she might not like that. I get the flavored/sugared up packets so they aren't quite as disgusting as regular oatmeal. When I only had Nathan, I would buy frozen waffles and he loved them. I wouldn't put very much syrup or just a little butter and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. It helped him learn to use a fork too. Most of the pieces he picked up with his hand and ate but a couple made it in from the fork. I'll keep thinking.

Uh, maybe I should have just said.... We'll discuss this on Thursday. :)

Kacey Nielsen said...

I have just found this recipe for these "healthy cookies". There is hardly anything in them, mostly oatmeal and banana, but they are soft and mushy and Rhode LOVES them! They make a nice to go breakfast on those crazy mornings. If you are interested I will email you the recipe.

The frozen mini pancakes are also usually a big hit with the one year old crowd. A little jam on those suckers and kids go crazy!

dirty>south said...

"messy eating, soggy food on hands and faces, and food on clothes and hair...gross me out!"

oh man Chloe must drive you insane. she is the biggest carnie eater.

Kimmy said...

Um, what did I feed Elsie? Nothing because she wouldn't eat anything. We relied on the bottle for a long time. But, I know she went through a major toast phase (little pieces). You could also cut up peaches or pears or some other fruit. Man, just talking about this is stressing me out! Understand totally about the messy eater thing. Elsie has been so clean (her own doing) but she's had her moments. Like when I came out to the kitchen after using the bathroom and she had quacamole all over her face and in her hair...everywhere (and A LOT of it)!!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Owen's 2 and he still drinks a sippy cup of milk (or 2) when he first gets up in the morning. Like, before he's even out of bed, he's saying "I want my milk." That ususally tides him over for the hour until we get to daycare where he east real breakfast.

If you need actual breakfast food, I second the instant oatmeal idea. (but it's a total mess!)

Oh, and he loves riding our legs like a horse, but just sitting on them... not so much. =)

lindsay>boo said...

I'm a big fan of the eggo waffles for breakfast if I want something fast and easy. Chloe even liked them without syrup, so no mess.

Maybe Chloe taught Qiana in Disneyland how to eat like a big carnie.

Cali said...

I always do oatmeal..it fills them up fast. Oh, how about a scrambled egg? You can do it in the microwave. Also, I like string cheese for a fast healthy snack(with protein) if she can chew real good.

Demitrius said...

My kids loved scrambled eggs, oatmeal, little pieces of toast, cut up fruit and cheerios.

Colleen said...

The messy thing grosses me out too, you aren't alone in that one! Especially when it gets in the hair...ewwwwww! But like you said, food on her face or not, she's so darn cute it doesn't matter! Sorry about your rough week last week. I was with you in your misery girl! Hopefully all goes well with the new daycare, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you to win the lottery at the same time! :)

Jill said...

Dry cereal isn't too messy, and my kids usually don't mind having it sans milk for a while. Also, waffles, they will butter them then put powdered sugar on them. Sophie is still pretty messy, I can't wait for it to end either.

ashleyboice said...

I'm with kacey..those little frozen pancakes (the pillsberry ones) are PERFECT for little babies. They are so soft and easy to eat. 30 seconds in the microwave and you have breakfast. Both my kids loved them.