Monday, September 21, 2009

What goes around, goes around, goes around-Comes all the way back around

Last week was one of "those weeks". The ones that make you think you are being cosmically punished for something. Perhaps I had had too much fun my week in california, that the universe decided I needed to have a really crappy week..who knows...but a crappy week is just what I had.

First off, Qiana started at her new daycare. Which is an issue in itself. It's very frustrating to have someone else have such an influence on your child. As Camery says, to have them "raising your child 'their way' " for 40 hours a week. The lady is very nice, one of the main reasons why I picked her, but there is still those moments when you wonder "is she messing up my child?". I hate not knowing exactly what goes on when I'm not around. What is she feeding her? Is she sleeping okay? Do they play together? I can't wait until Q is old enough to answer my questions....

Second, Qiana now has two teeth that have broken through.

I was waiting and waiting for her to get teeth, and now that they are here I just want them to go away. well, not necessarily the teeth to go away but all the pain, fevers, and hurt that have come with it. Q has been miserable...and thus I have been miserable all weekend. It's like somebody had come and snatched my baby and left a monster in her place. My once chill baby was crying and fussing all friday and saturday. She wanted me ALL THE TIME and refused to go down for a nap or bedtime without a major crying fit. by saturday night I was so exhausted and worn out, that when she started bawling at 11:30 at night, I went into her room, scoop her and her blankie out of the crib, and put her in bed with me (she fell asleep instantly cuddled in my arms). I know I should have just let her "cry it out", but I was so exhausted and just needed sleep of my own. During the days, she would cry randomly all day long. she would be fine, walking along the walls, minding her own business and then start wailing....what the heck??? I wanted her to get teeth, so she could eat as much as her appetite wanted her to eat, but man...this sucks.

I am hoping that this new behavior is just teething related and not some sort of cry for attention because of the new daycare sitch...but I have a feeling it's a little of both.
which just makes me sad.

I put out a call for a sugar daddy or "big poppa" (as Kim on Real Housewives of Atlanta call hers), but haven't found anything yet. Guess I really need to start playing the lotto...

Then I can stay home and be with my little girl.


Kimmy said...

There's no doubt Q's change in behavior is from her teeth. But it is pretty miserable in the mean time!

I know you must miss her so much while you are at work! Keep keepin' on and things will work out. I know they will. Q's doing great and has all kinds of people that love her.

Samantha said...

OH Angie. I remember everytime one (or both) of my kids were going through this, I was just like "well, I guess this is how they are now. I guess they are just sad all the time now." haha But then once they start feeling better you remember your little angel and it's such a relief that you like them again! haha I'm sorry you had such a bad week. Have you tried filling that girl up with some baby tylenol? I hope this week goes better for you.

melanie said...

That's one of the things I have the hardest time with. Their switching back from being nice and happy to sad and clingy. Good news is, they always switch back.

The call for 'big poppa' cracked me up!

dirty>south said...

get her Q!