Friday, September 4, 2009

That's just the way it is...Things'll never be the same

Will Qiana's new Day Care provider love her as much as this?

Will Qiana love them as much as this?

Brittany was such a blessing. A great girl with a large capacity to love. Qiana was blessed to receive that love on a daily basis. Qiana would light up when Brittany came around, and I became almost non-existent. I never had to worry if Qiana would get fed, or changed, or if she would have someone play with her and or put her down for regular naps.
Brittany took great care of her. We are going to miss her.
Brittany is now gone, and after our week of vacation, Qiana will be spending a majority of her day with someone new.
A virtual stranger, that I am trusting to love and care for my child.
I think she will have fun, I'm hoping she will.
I am excited she will be around other children and get to interact with kids...she loves other kids. I am hopeful that she will feel loved and cared for. I think she will be. She's a tough girl, sociable, easy to entertain...I think she'll be fine. It will be a new environment though, new bed for naps, new faces to stare at...I hope she can handle it.
I'll just remember to breath.


Colleen said...

Awww, breathe momma! She's going to be great. What a loss, but there are so many people out there who love children, I am sure she is going to be in a great situation...especially with a diligent mommy like you!

melanie said...

That first photo is so sweet. Brittany looks as happy as Qiana!

Fun for her to be around other kids. She'll adjust much faster than you. Why can't we be resilient as little kids? Breathing is a good exercise.

California fun here you come!

Kimmy said...

Qiana is so great and's going to work out for sure!

Thank goodness for Brittany over these last few months. She really is a sweetheart!

Emily said...

That picture of Britt and Q melts my heart a little! She was one in a million that's for sure, but from the way you talked, I think this new lady will be a close second!

PS did I mention how jealous I am about your vacation!!! because I am!

krystind said...

like everyone else, i think those pictures are adorable. goodluck with everything

auntiescary said...

Angie - she'll be fine. She's a great little girl and underneath the sweet I'm sure there's a bit of her momma's "don't mess with me" attitude. As long as she knows you always come to get her and that here home is stil there she'll be fine. She KNOWS ou love her.

Cali said...

Being a mom is so hard...we worry alot, don't we? Qiana will do great Angie, she is an amazing baby, you can't help but fall in love with will her caregiver.

Mandi said...

Brttany really is a keeper. I'm sure whoever you get to watch Qiana will love her just as could you not??