Monday, May 3, 2010

She drives me no one else...

1. She loves boys. (i'm sure there is some psychological explanation, involving daddy issues here, but I will choose to ignore that.. :) ). I have been blessed with some awesome guys in my life, and Q has taken quite a shining to them as well. When cousin Nick walks in the door, she runs over wanting a hug, and just nuzzles her head right into his neck. When Clinton comes over, she instantly gets on his lap, and plays with his hat. But her new interest is Robert. She loves this guy!

2. She has a shoe fetish. She loves putting on her own shoes, walking around in mommy's shoes, and bringing all guests their shoes if they have taken them off.

3. She has discovered the piano. My mom's old piano is incredibly out of tune, and we have tried selling it but at last it still sits against my wall and holds decorative items....but Q has now discovered this music making machine and is hooked.

4. She babbles ALL THE TIME, but you can't understand much of anything....but here are a few of her "recognizable words"

5. She knows how to say "cheese"

6. She is a silly, silly girl...for example

she likes to hang out in the corner by the front door. She eats, talks to herself, or just sits quietly.
she loves blankets, the couch, making funny faces, and using mom as her own personal jungle jim

7. she is not above begging for food.

8. she loves her accessories

9. she still must be touching mommy at almost all times
this is her eating in her chair....her feet are always resting on my leg.

10. She loves outdoor activities.
Yesterday, Q, Rachel, and I we went out with boys to "aunt ann's" (robert and brad's aunt) to have some delicious food, watch some Wii Dance, talk, hang out, etc... but the night started out with a little gun shooting...that's right.
Q was alseep for the first part of the shooting...seriously...she didn't even stir at all. This girl loves her sleep, I just held her, a little bit away from the shooting, and she slept soundly on my shoulders...then she woke up...and was ready to get in on the action. Robert let her use his headphones/silencer things...and she loved them. She didn't try taking them off at all, and infact got upset when we tried to remove them. She would just stand around, watching the water, babbling jibberish, and watching the men shoot bullets at random junk in the field. She was in heaven! Where did this girl come from?


melanie said...

She is getting so grown up! Love all the photos. Her our 'shooting' is a crack up. Darling girl!

Kimmy said...

Q loves the corner?! That is hilarious. Those were my favorite pictures. Ha!

Emily Katlyn West said...

Man, that hippstomatic app is rocking your blog my friend!!!!! I love'd Q's "cheese" pics the best!!! That girl is cute, have i mentioned this before?

Anonymous said...

those were some super fun pictures and I can't believe how old she is already! So cute. Daishan

Cali said...

Angie, your baby is seriously ADORABLE! Who is Robert by the way?

Earl Family said...

That smile is the BEST. Seriously. She has the cutest expressions.

dirty>south said...

begging for food is such a good quality. i just hope Chloe outgrows that before she's a teenager or there might be some issues.