Sunday, May 9, 2010

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

So we were bored...and just needed to get out of town...I didn't want to be sitting at home thinking too much this of course the crew headed to Leavenworth! (it was the first place that popped into Robert's head I think)
The drive was full of conversation, and of course rockin out to some tunes. Everybody had their sunglasses on, so of course Q had to get in on that action.
In Leavenworth we ate some delicious Brats, Coldstone, window shopped, and of course stopped off at the "Hat Store"...always a good time.

There was some crazy events going on in the town square, but we were more fascinated with the high amounts of men in lederhosen...just plain awesome. But even better was this...

It was a beautiful day, with good friends, and Q enjoyed getting out of the house.

She was sick for a few days last week, but now we have gone from

To this:

Yeah, for a healthy child and good times!

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Kimmy said...

It's always a good time with you and Q! Fun day in Leavenworth...I haven't been for so long.