Monday, October 18, 2010

Every little thing I do, you're on my mind, you're on my mind...

In a recent episoide of Cougar Town, Stan tells Ellie, "there is nothing less sexy than a woman who just talks about her baby". So in honor of me, trying to keep whatever sexiness I have, in tact, here is a pop culture post!

I don't date. The male selection in this neck of the woods is less than ideal, plus even if the selection was more choice, I haven't quite figured out how to do the "single mother dating" thing, so I prefer to keep my crushes completely impossible...therefore, it's completely harmless and just plain fun.

Top 5 Current Celebrity Crushes:

1. Shemar Moore: I think the picture explains it all.  But if you have ever seen him on Ellen, then you know he has an amazing personality and awesome dancing skills to go along with that body and face!

2. Steven Ward: I want to go on his show "Tough Love" just to meet him...I wonder how I can make that work..?  He's tall, good looking, loves his mother, is good with the ladies, and is just plain adorable.

3. Mark Salling (aka: Puck): Love his smile. His voice. His body. All nice.

4: Scott Caan: So adorable, so funny...I'll forgive the short height.

5: Jeremy Renner: He's amazing in "the Hurt Locker" and in Ben Affleck's new film "the Town".

 But he won me over when he broke out singing "New York State of Mind" on Jimmy Fallon.

(p.s. look at Jimmy's adorable reaction, when he realizes that Jeremy can really sing)


Anonymous said...

1st--I love cougar town
2nd that utube link is great--Jimmy's reaction was hilarious. These are all delicious crushes! Good call.Daishan

Kimmy said...

You've picked some good ones!

Why was Puck missing from the last Glee episode?! Lame!

melanie said...

I missed Puck too.

With the right angle, you'd never know Scott Caan was short. Easy to forgive the height.

Colleen said...

Even mommies need celebrity crushes! I love that video. I didn't know who that Jeremy Renner was, but that is pretty awesome.