Saturday, October 23, 2010

If I won the lottery, you'd never see me again...

Last weekend, was supposed to be the last girls weekend, our last hoorah, before the holidays, and before we all go our separate ways next year.  But then Emily's grandma died, and she was forced to miss out.  It was really sad that Emily couldn't be with us for a couple reasons 1) Emily LOVES the musical we were seeing, and it was one that she really wanted to see. 2) Without Emily, we had nobody to make fun of.   
So it was just Michelle and I on a little day trip to Seattle for some shopping, dining, and seeing "In the Heights".
For lunch I really wanted to try something new, so, from the advice of Uncle Tom, we went to the Steelhead Diner by the Pike Place Market.
(we thought this name was really funny...yeah we're pretty immature)

We ordered the fried cheese curds (also by advice of Tom), and  had a bowl of their clam chowder with bacon and truffle oil (oh my goodness! delicious!), and Michelle ordered the roasted squash and barley (also divine!). After a little walk through the market

we headed up to the 5th avenue theater to see "In the Heights"
 I'm sure the classy play go-ers were not amused with our picture taking, but we don't do serious poses...

In the Heights is a musical set on a block in Washington Heights in New york. A predominately spanish area. It tells the story of the residents of this block, as businesses close, residents come and leave, and one wins $96000 in the lottery

The music is absolutely phenomenal, and the actors all did a really good job. Michelle and I had a great time. 

 After a quick stop at the outlet mall in North Bend, we headed home.  It was a quick trip, but totally fun, and totally worth it. Too bad Emily wasn't there...I guess we will just have to have another last hoorah that will hopefully include her this time!

While I was in Seattle, Qiana spent the day with my friend Vikki and her family. They took a little trip of their own to Leavenworth, and I think you can tell from the pictures that Qiana had a lot of fun! 

Vikki took some pictures of Q with the pumpkins. She got a couple, before Q was ready to stand up and keep running around.  

Happy Fall!


::lindsay said...

Looks like a fun trip!

Kimmy said...

I want to see that play so bad!!

Yeah, looks like Q had a great time as well. How nice of Vikki and her family to watch her.

See you guys soon!!!!

Emily Katlyn West said...

yeah I thought maybe I was going to be ok reading this, but NOPE I'm officially sad!

It looks like You and Q had the best time, so jealous!

Annie said...

Sounds like a blast. Cute pics.

Colleen said...

Your trips always sound SO fun! Those photos of Q in the pumpkins are fantastic.

dirty>south said...

i'm thinking mid-90s rap video with Q's jacket.