Sunday, October 3, 2010

If they were me and I was you, would you have like a present too? Happy birthday happy birthday

Saturday evening friends and family came over for a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday celebration for my little Qiana. 

We ate pizza
Played games like:

Pin the Eye on Muno


Brobee's Party in My Tummy Food Toss.

Chloe is a huge Brobee fan...she even took it home with her. 

and danced and moved around to Yo Gabba Gabba songs like:
-DJ Lance Says
-Wiggle, Hold still
-The freeze game
 -Head, arms, legs, feet
-I like to Dance 

(just concentrate on the cute kids in this video...)

Q doing her best "hold still"

I think you can tell from her smile, that Q had a blast. 

Then she opened up her presents....such great gifts!!  
She got 
dress-up clothes
new winter coat
hat and hair accessories
cupcake toys for her kitchen
book of words
and a princess get ready kit

I had made some Yo gabba cupcakes. The perfectionist in me knows they could have turned out better, but I think they turned out cute, and tasted good and I was happy about that.  
Unfortunately, I think with all the excitement Q wasn't too interested in eating it...but she blew out the candle like a champ.  So for picture sake, I am satisfied.  

Then Jared and Lindsay's crew stayed for a little bit, and we hung out, talked, kids watched a movie, and played.  Q got to stay up way past her bedtime, and she loved it. 

Emily had made a huge balloon arch for Q's party, and those balloons were a hit with the kids!

I think she was a very satisfied birthday girl!


Demitrius said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QIANA! What cute party ideas! She is so adorable and the cupcakes look amazing! You're such a fun mom :) We're looking forward to celebrating Sayda's b-day on Oct. 13th... but I guarantee it won't be as exciting as Q's party ;)


auntiescary said...

What a great party! Fun games, fun food and cool presents. The cupcakes were so cute!

Kimmy said...

It's official...I must start putting effort into Elsie's birthday parties. Actually I must start throwing Elsie birthday parties! Looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

What a lucky birthday girl! that is some party. I love all the creativity going on. And I'm pretty sure you are a (cup)cake decorator extraordinaire. How fun. Daishan

Samantha said...

Oh happy birthday Q! I love all of the games, so smart. And I still LOVE your hair.

Colleen said...

First of all, the party is AMAZING. Those cupcakes! And all the games. Too cool. Second of all, could Q be ANY cuter? No. It is impossible! What a darling little birthday girl!

ashleyboice said...

Hello those cupcakes are amazing!

What an awesome party...she is one lucky girl.

Earl Family said...

Um. Excuse me? When did you become SUPER party planner? I can't believe how AWESOME that party looked.

And don't even get me started on those cupcakes.

Great work!

Cali said...

Wow, even your baby parties are amazing! I can't believe how fast Q is growing up. She is awesome.