Wednesday, December 22, 2010

santa clause is coming to town...

I don't trust mall Santa's...never have...never will, so I usually hit up the singles ward Christmas party where my old friend James Baker comes dressed as Santa for pictures. Well this year, there was no party, and no Santa. I was sad, but okay about it....Emily was not. She got a hold of a Santa costume, and after a few different male friends couldn't do it, Emily decided to put on the magical suit and be Santa for some holiday pictures with Q.

Later that night, while watching different holiday programs, Q called out Emily's name every time she saw a I guess we'll have to see if there are any permanent emotional scars from this. hahaha. 

But for now-
Q thinks Santa is a pretty cool chick...I mean guy...I mean...oh, who knows what she thinks.
(this hat is Emily's...I have no idea what it says on it..but Q loved wearing it)


::lindsay said...

Emily was such a good sport to put on the Santa suit and that's awesome that Q is now possibly thinking that all Santas are really Emily! Can't wait to see her and you tomorrow!

Colleen said...

That is one GREAT friend! The pictures are fantastic.