Sunday, December 19, 2010

we like to party...we like, we like to party...

As in years past Emily's birthday became a time to dress up and have some fun! This year we went with the theme "Heroes vs. Villains: good vs evil".  Oh it was so good to see what some people came up with. Of course there were a bunch of people that maybe thought they were "too cool to dress up", but that didn't ruin the fun.
We had a house full of people, dancing, talking, laughing, shouting, eating, and having a fabulous time.
Gotta love parties.
Emily really commits to her costumes. This all came together last minute, but it was soooo fabulous!  Rachel is not one to usually dress up, but was willing to dress up if we put together her costume. Emily needed a counterpart so we made her Ariel...and I am quite proud that her costume didn't cost a penny. Emily had the wig, I painted a shell bra we had from a summer party, and I safety pinned an old dance skirt of Emily's to make a mermaid style skirt....impressed?

My costume also didn't cost a thing. It was a mixture of costumes from the past that i put together. I love when I can reuse my costume bin.

I thought for sure Nick would be one to miss the dress up aspect..but he was so into it, and came up with everything himself.

Tom as Quailboy! (from the Doug cartoon)...I was trying to do angelic poses all night. Gotta keep in character.
And yes, we even had Santa! He passed out candy canes and glowsticks all was a Mormon rave (apparently)
An Angie sandwich!

These pictures are of my friends, and the only people I really knew at the party..Emily had a lot of singles ward people there that i didn't know...but amongst them were mrs. incredible, the powderpuff girls, little red riding hood, a power ranger, a couple teenage mutant ninja turtles, and another santa. Very excellent!


Earl Family said...

That is the greatest idea for a party ever! Great costumes.

Seriously. So great.

Kimmy said...

Yeah, super awesome costumes! But, I'll have to admit, Ursula and Ariel were the favs in our house. :)

::lindsay said...

Those costumes are awesome! You guys always do the best stuff for your parties!

ashleyboice said...

Emily's costume is amazing. Wow.

Colleen said...

No one knows how to party like you guys! They always look SO FUN! And I agree, Emily's costume is FANTASTIC. As is yours, and so fitting. :)