Thursday, February 24, 2011

Talk about, pop musik Pop pop pop pop musik...

1. favorite album right now: Mumford and Sons. I am addicted. I fell in love with them on the Grammy's, and now listen to their album every day. I think have a budding fascination with the banjo.

2. Speaking of which, Emily and I have come up with out Top 5 coolest instruments:
     1. keytar
     2. theremin (look it up, I saw it on Yo Gabba Gabba)

     3. banjo

     4. harmonica (only when used with a neck strap)

     5. multi-neck guitar

3. I'm going to a Nelly concert next month. Don't think we haven't thought about rockin' band aids on our face.  Maybe, we'll just convince Emily to do it.

4. I, along with a majority of the public, was shocked when Arcade Fire won best album over Eminem at this years Grammy's. But probably not as shock as the millions of Beiber Fans, who had their king walk away with no awards.  Poor Beliebers.

5. This past weekend I went to Seattle for my friend Michelle's 30th birthday bash. In honor of the occasion we listened to a special "Michelle playlist" the whole trip. A playlist filled with songs that reminded us of Michelle, and our time as friends. Oh man, it was excellent. A playlist that had everything..GYm Class heroes to Annie (the musical)...from Jesse Mccartney to Jay-Z. I love how music brings back to many memories.


Kacey Nielsen said...

I love that Q's choice of tv entertainment inspired a new musical love.

Not a private blog anymore? Is that on purpose?

Kimmy said...

We downloaded a bunch of Mumford and Sons songs as well. Aaron was a super fan!