Thursday, February 17, 2011

As long as I know how to live, I know I'll stay alive...

My thoughts on Survivor:

1. I feel like Rob has a good alliance going. I just wish he had a stronger team, cause I think they may be heading to tribal council a lot!

2. Philip is crazy. Like mentally unstable. Something tells me that "former special agent" means, he probably got fired, or forced into retirement.  Although his craziness worked well for Rob this first episode.

3. Russell's new sidekick reminds me of a chick who writes serial killers in prison, hoping to be one of their next preys or wives. I'm glad the rest of his tribe is on to his games, and will hopefully vote him out the first chance they get. 

4. My favorite line of the night "that is most impressive man sweater I have ever seen". Excellent.

5. Speaking of man sweater, it looks like that Farmer may give Russell a run for his money at camp...kind of liking that.

6. When Rob told Kristina he knew she was looking for the idol...that smile on his face...priceless. Man, I love that guy. 

7. Not sad to see Francesca go (for now), although I will miss hearing Philip messing up her name and her correcting him over  and over...and over. Comedic gold.

8. Philip and his dry mouth. oh man, he is crazier than Coach.

9.  Oh my gosh when Rob asked to see the idol, and then told her to give it to him and she would be safe. Bold. Awesome. That girl is going soon...

10. Oh Survivor, you're like the mafia...just when I think it's out, you pull me back in. Well Played!


Kimmy said...

Ditto to everything!! Oh my gosh, Aaron and I were luaghing so hard during the whole tribal council. I realized later that we were acting a little dorky, but it was just so unbelievable.

Phillip is crazy. I sure am glad that he's getting treatment for his dry throat.

melanie said...

I love this post! I'm such a sucker for Survivor. I almost thought Kristina was dumb enough to give him that idol. He is so bold, smart, I love watching him play this game.

I wanted Francesca to go too but when he kept saying her name wrong, it was gold.

So glad to hear that Kim, I was dying laughing through tribal and the worst part was, I was alone. Tribal was the best.

Samantha said...

I haven't watched it yet so I'll have to come back to read this once I'm done. I'll comment more then.

ashleyboice said...

I LOVE Rob. Hmmm...

We were screaming when philip was dropping all of those bombs during tribal. I loved Jeff's face.

Myca said...

Oh my gosh I am so with you!!!

Cali said...

I have the biggest crush on Rob. LOVE IT! I wish I didn't care so much about this show. ha.