Saturday, March 12, 2011

So I travel back (uh) down that road (road) Will she come back? (Uh) No one knows

I realized, in going thru my past posts, that I never blogged about our last weekend together before Emily left.
So let's get in our time machines and head back to last March....

I'm not quite sure what event came first in the planning of the weekend, but somehow we ended up at a Nelly concert on a friday night

and walking/running a 5k that saturday morning

Smartest idea? no. But it was good for pictures, and stories, so of course we did it.

So yes, I ventured into the world of the "runner", and I can honestly sucks. Sorry folks, I am not a believer. I did not get a runners high, nor did I feel super awesome about myself afterwards. I just felt tired, and sore, and confident that it probably won't happen again.

Bye Bye Emily...

But the Nelly concert...well that was a different story. That was awesome!

 The opening acts were Cali Swag District, who much to our dismay still didn't actually teach us how to dougie, and 3Oh!3 with one guy in the band looking like Piz from Veronica Mars (adorable).

In between acts they had a DJ spinning the jams on the 1's and 2's which was fun to dance to. Nelly was actually really good live, and sang all his songs that I just love. and to my surprise clothes didn't actually come off when he sang "hot in herre"...thought for sure some of the trampy tramps around us would use that song as an excuse to get pretty freaky. phew.
He did have a few girls come on stage during one of his songs to have a "walk off", and give their best diva walks...yes, it was as awkward and embarrassing to watch as it sounds!

Can someone tell me what this guy was doing at a nelly concert?

It was such a random weekend, so perfect for our last weekend together as a crew.


dirty>south said...

ha ha yeah what's kenny rogers doing there?

Kacey Nielsen said...

It took me an entire year before I felt any running satisfaction at all. I kinda thought it was all crap up until that point. But, it its defense, running is cheap, easily accessible, and keeps me in my jeans that I like!

Concert sounds WAY more fun though

Kimmy said...

I'm totally going to sign us up for a race in Utah! Haha. You think I'm joking. ;)

I love that you tried it.

The concert sounds amazing!!! Definitely more your style. :)

Colleen said...

I think going into a 5K having not trained at all for it would suck too. But I am impressed that you gave it a go! That's a long run! It sounds like the perfect weekend for saying goodbye. The pictures say it all....

Anonymous said...

I love that you did a 5k. especially after all our email banter about the vegas run thing. that's awesome. daishan