Friday, June 3, 2011

I need you now, more than words can say I need you now.

My birthday is coming up, and I don't have anything big planned.

This is soooo NOT COOL.

I like to celebrate my birthday. I like to throw myself parties, or plan trips, or live it up...all in celebration of me! hahaha.

But with money, and other things, I got nothing planned.

So this is where you, my readers, come in.

In order to get my "celebrating angie" fix for the year. I plan on doing a blog post dedicated to myself for my birthday (June 18th)

So from now until June 17th, I want you to email me memories, thoughts, funny anecdotes, about me and I will post them in my birthday post! Please don't be afraid to send funny stories, or stories that you think might embarrass me...I don't want a post full of sunshine and roses...that's not me. :)

I know this blog post is totally self indulgent, but I think it will be fun to walk down memory lane with my friends and family, and have a little blog post for prosperity.




Kimmy said...

I feel like I should just write my life history while I'm at it. Where do I start?!

Ashley said...

When is your b-day? I'm always down to go out and celebrate! ;) Wish I had some memories to share... I'll have to tell Demy to post some!

dirty>south said...

trying to think of something. really don't have much.