Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm wishing, for the one I love, to find me, today.

We had decided that it would be a fun souvenir to get the girls autograph books...little did we know that it would become a major obsession for the adults. It became a goal to find every character and we were on high alert looking around for crowds and characters. We had cameras, autograph books, and pens easily accessible, and got quite the routine figured out for optimal efficiency. But it was awesome. The girls loved it, and Q still looks through her book every day. When we got back I got all the pictures we took with the characters printed out and glued them into her autograph book next to the signatures. I am quite proud how awesome it is, and how much Q loves it.
Q was pretty excited to meet all the characters, and enjoyed getting the pictures. it was fascinating to see her apprehension when it came to the non costume male characters (such as Aladdin, Terrence, and Flynn). She didn't get too close to them. It is so crazy though cause she loves boys. But other than that she loved the characters and loved giving them big hugs when she could

This year we also splurged and did a character breakfast with the kids. It was an all you can eat breakfast buffet at goofy's kitchen. I'm so glad we did it. Good food, great company, and the kids enjoyed having the up close interaction with the characters.

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