Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You'll be in my heart

Disneyland is awesome. But sharing Disneyland with your family is even better. It was a great trip, and everyone could feel the love. Carson was such a great older cousin, letting the little girls bug him. Mitch was a great fun uncle riding the rides with the kids.
The three little girls played so well together while the adults took turns riding the bigger rides. They were adorable and so much fun. Plus they even got on the same napping schedule, which is made pretty nice during the day.
I love my family.
 We were planning on buying all the little girls a matching minnie shirt, and Kaiya got a cute pink one. Then, Lindsay came up with the idea to make these cute minnie hair accessories. We were quite proud of ourselves

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Anonymous said...

the one of the three girls passed out is hilarious! thanks for posting about your trip! can't wait to do it with my kids someday. daishan