Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Take me or leave me

Binky update:

Q slept thru her first night relatively well. she woke up a couple times in the beginning, but after some snuggling she went back to sleep.

the next morning I was feeling good about things. Q went the whole morning without even mentionning her binky.


yesterday afternoon Q found her binky.

yep. it was just as awful as I thought it would be.

The dear girl had volunteered to find mommy's shoes in the front closet, and she came out with her binky. aghhh. I had looked in the closet. twice. Although, I will admit that since there was only 3 pairs of shoes in there, I didn't get down on the ground and really search...I thought a good eye looking would have seen something. Apparently the little bugger was probably hiding under one of my overturned flip flops.

Q was so excited. she was sure her new monster friend had returned her binky. I tried to quickly comeback with a "I think maybe he just accidentally dropped it, but he still needs your binky very badly". she quickly screamed "I NEED MY BINKY".

I tried to calm her down. I took the binky and put it in my pocket. I told her that she didn't need it, and that the monster just dropped it. She kept trying to get in my pocket, crying, wanting her binky. This whole scene looked very similar to a feening crack addict attacking a dealer. As I was trying to calm Q down, I managed to make my way over to the kitchen and slyly putting the binky on one of the high pantry shelves. 

a couple minutes of crying later, I acted like I was going to give her the binky from my pocket. "uh-oh, the binky is gone!". I then played out a whole scene of trying to find the binky again. "where did it go? it was just here in my pocket". Q had stopped crying and was searching with me. Then I said "maybe the monster has magic powers and took the binky again?".

she bought it.

I gave her a starburst to make her smile, and the rest of the day we complained about that darn monster who took her binky AGAIN! She added to the story by saying that he came to earth to take her binky back to his planet, to give to a witch or possibly put it into a machine (the story varied with her). She was sad about the binky loss, but knew that the monster apparently really needed it.

I have since thrown the binky in the dumpster never to return again.


Alyson said...

I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed. That was quick thinking on your part. Glad she bought it and glad you got rid of it for good!

Kimmy said...

I love the story! But I love my awesome monster impression even more!

Ashley said...

Yay! Another accomplishment you can check off the list! What a great idea... a binky monster! I'll have to try that when it's time to wean Jazy of hers!

Colleen said...

The image of the crack addict made me laugh out loud! Way to play it, Mama! I am sure it is going to be awful when we take Tommy's away...in a year...or longer...NOOOO!

Larry and Janice said...

Best binky story I've ever heard! I would've LOVED to have seen you two work that whole thing out! What a duo!!! Great save, Momma!