Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alright, already the show goes on

Here are some more of my Christmas crafts. Although., I still have one more wreath to make, I am quite proud that it's not even the end of November yet and I have finished my crafts, all Christmas decorations are up, and Christmas shopping is done. yeah me! 
I have quite enjoyed being crafty. It's a good way to spend my time, and the feeling of accomplishment is quite awesome. Plus, when Kimmy is my crafting partner it becomes so much fun. 

This is my muffin tin advent calender. Inside is some candies and little things for Q. The muffin tin really brought out the OCd side of us. Trying to make sure the colors all matched and that the distribution of patterns and colors were even was quite a feat, but it was worth it. 

All throughout my childhood we had this hanging advent calender that my mom had made at some enrichment night (it was one of two projects that my mom actually had completed from enrichment...she was quite proud). The advent had these wooden ornaments that velcroed to a big felt tree. The calender had taken a beating through the years, and many of the ornaments had seen better days. At the end of the christmas season last year, I made the decision to finally get rid of the advent calender, but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the ornaments that were still useful. I thought I would keep them, and try and use them again. Well it paid off! I decided to make three mini yarn wreaths to hang on my wall, and put the ornaments on those for decoration. I think they turned out so cute, and even though it isn't the advent calender from my childhood the nostalgia is still there. 

Then of course I had to make another wreath for my front door. This wreath was a little more complex than the last one I made, and took a lot more time, but I do love how it turned out. it's just so festive. 

Happy Holidays.


Kimmy said...

I am so glad you used those old ornaments. They make me so happy!

I'm a super fan of the new wreath. I love the stripes!! I want to do year.

Piper said...

Those all turned out so great! Way to go! All of those wooden ornaments look familiar to me! We had a bunch of those on our tree when I was growing up! I love it!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Those old ornaments look straight out of a classic Christmas movie. I love them! Fantastic work!