Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pioneer children sang as they walked...

Pioneer Day (July 24th), in most states, involves maybe a picnic or bbq, but in Utah it gets an official holiday with parades, fireworks, and fairs to celebrate.  Spanish Fork had their "Fiesta Days" fair during that week of the 24th, so Kim and I took the girls down to one of the parades. The big parade was on the 24th, but Kim was going to be gone so we checked out the smaller one. It ended up consisting of just horses, wagons, and a few cattle but the girls were entertained hanging out in the street, and Kim and I were comfortable in the perfect weather sitting on the blanket talking. So...Success!

On the 24th I took Q down at night to check out the fireworks. We got their at 9:30, got a place to park, and hung out in our car to watch the fireworks that were to start at 10. Unfortunately, they weren't going to start the fireworks until the rodeo got what? So Q and I hung out for a bit, playing in the car, and letting Q poke her head out the sunroom to watch all the "unofficial" fireworks going off around the park. When it was close to 11:00 pm and still no fireworks, I decided to pack it in and head home. Q thought all the fireworks were the "show" so she didn't feel gipped, and we got out of there before getting stuck in major post-firework traffic. Win-Win. 
every time Q would stick her head out the sunroof she was would exclaim "I'm a giraffe in a car"

gotta love silly pictures


Colleen said...

FUN! And nice that you got the bonus awesome mom points for the late night fireworks without having to stay all night!

Kim said...

We'll have to try the real parade next year!