Saturday, August 11, 2012

I got a new attitude I'm wearing a new dress (New), new hair (New)

yep, I've been talking about it for a long time now, and I finally did it. I got extensions! My natural hair is not the kind that should be longer than at my shoulders, so the only way I was going to have long hair that was actually pretty was to get the extensions. So far I am lovin it. 
My friend Piper did them for me, and the process was painless and quick. She used "hotheads" extensions, that are tabs of thin hair that you sear around your hair at the base. They should last until I need another highlight of natural hair. She then removes them, does my hair, then reattaches the hair again, and they should last another 4-6 weeks. pretty cool huh? 
The hardest parts have been getting used to sleeping with them, since I'm not used to having all that hair around my neck and back, and of course when the hair is wet it's pretty darn heavy. 
but other than that it's been awesome. 

Yeah for new hair! of course i'm sure in a few months I may have something know me. :)

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Mibi and Lee said...

I love it!!! I was always very wary of extensions because my hair is so fine and didnt want to look like I was wearing a wig but reading your experience and seeing your hair made me less wary;)