Monday, August 6, 2012

Everybody's working the for the weekend

Kim and Aaron headed out of town for a few days, and we had the pleasure of hanging out with Elsie for a couple days. Q was in heaven, and I loved having someone around to entertain Q. They played so well together, and were non stop with their activities: painting, barbies, dress up, legos, blocks, pretend. they barely even watch tv, which was amazing.

The girls put on a "fashion show" for me, and insisted I took pictures when they came out. I really wish I could post the picture of Q's first outfit, but it wouldn't be appropriate for public. but I was laughing sooo hard. let's just say when they said they wanted to do a fashion show, I didn't think Q would go in the Victoria Secret "Angel" direction, complete with wings, heels, underwear, and nothing else. She did strike an excellent pose though! 

On friday I took the girls to see the new Ice Age movie, then to the mall to run around the play area.

 The movie was super cute, and has a dang catchy theme song.

That night we got ready to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. We made gold medals, an olympic symbol chain for the wall, and map print outs, and a find that flag game.

Saturday we headed to seven peaks for a little bit, then played again the rest of the day. These girls were just sooo good! It was a great weekend. 


camery said...

Well, considering you had the funnest things EVER planned, I'd hope they were happy!! :) Sounds like a great time! How are you so fun all of the time? I'm a dud. Shhh. Don't tell N.

Kim said...

I'm so glad they play so well together! Elsie thinks Q is so funny!!

Thanks for taking good care of her while we were gone.

Colleen said...

I LOVE that these cousins have each other...and a wee bit jealous! What a perfect pair!