Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby it's cold outside

In just a little over a month we have gone from this

to this

to this

And all I want to do is stay inside where it's warm and cozy. 

We haven't done much, and thus i have nothing to really blog about, but since this is the longest I have ever journaled in my entire life I thought I should record the boring times as well as the big events. 

I did do a couple little craft items to mix in with "fall" stuff for my Thanksgiving shelves. I love being festive. Can't wait for christmas!
love the burlap

this pilgrim was a lot of work but he looks cute on my shelf

Q and I have gone head to head in a couple battles over eating. Sometimes she is just way to stubborn and won't eat. Even if she determines what i make her for every meal. It's insane. She can eat sooooooooo slow sometimes, and then just decides that she is done after like 3 bites. Not okay. On this particular occasion it took her 3 hours to eat 3 triangles from a small personal size cheese pizza. It was a real battle of wits.

The other day Q and I got to spend some quality time eating and laughing with family. It was soooo fun. Q left me pretty quickly to spend her time with Cali. She was so excited to see Cali and Kylie, since she has missed them "so much" since they babysat her when I was in Toronto. Gotta love family.

Later that night Q and i headed over to Cali's to hang out with her girls and Baby Willie while the rest of the family went to the BYU game. Q was beyond thrilled to see baby willie and play. I basically relaxed while Carolina and Grace took such good care of Q. Plus Q and I got some good cuddle time in with Willie. 

Today we hit up the library to pick up a couple things, and Q couldn't stop posing in the was cracking me up!

And that catches us up!

Next week is Thanksgiving and I am super excited!


Kim said...

She looks so sad and pathetic in that picture of her eating. It makes me laugh.

I want more fall. We got like 16" of snow.

Love the leggings with the shorts in the window pics. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh man that Q is so funny. I love this post. AND I love that burlap Thanksgiving thing. Tell me how? And I don't think I commented on your cute little house full of witches. So darling. daishan

Colleen said...

Strike a pose, Q! She is such a doll! I am wishing we could get some snow for both the fun play and the warm inside cuddles. Enjoy!

Heather said...

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