Thursday, November 1, 2012

The freaks come out at night.

Oh I do love Halloween. True, I don't dress up like I used to, but I love seeing all the costumes around me, and I love getting Q all dressed up. It's just so fun. Q had changed her mind about 5 times as to what she wanted to be for Halloween, but when Elsie decided she was going to be a witch, then Q decided she was definitely going to be a witch as well. Kim and I had bought some $2.50 hats from the bins at Target to use as Halloween decorations, and the girls became convinced that we would wear them on Halloween and be witches as well.  Fine by me!!!  

Q got to dress up for school, and she pretty excited. I knew I was going to do some make up for her costume at night, but didn't trust her not mess up the makeup while at school so she decided to wear some glasses was just as cute. The kids exchanged candy at school, and they even "trick or treated" some of the businesses near her school. I had gotten there a little early so I got to watch from my car as all the cute little preschoolers walked around in their cute outfits.  love it. 

That afternoon we headed down to kim and aaron's to get some play time in before dinner and trick or treating. Then while Kim and Aaron worked on their pumpkins

I worked on the girls makeup....they thought they were pretty cool (Although Q kept rubbing her lips together, and thus looked like a crazy person with her lipstick filling up half her face). 
notice the crazy lipstick

We walked around their neighborhood, and the girls were so good.
One of their favorites house of the night..seeing Snow White was a real treat

Q was in heaven, and wanted to hit every house. Q's bag was getting kind of heavy, but she refused to let me help her carry it...I think perhaps she was worried I would take her candy haha. 

Halfway thru Aaron went home to hand out candy while we finished up in the neighborhood, then we went home and the girls took turns opening the door, and handing out candy while the adults hung out and was perfect!  

Q loves herself a party, and was on Halloween overload when I told her it was time to go, so we had a major meltdown with her. She hasn't had one of those in a long time. She was a crazy person. When I got her in the car she informed me that she couldn't stop crying because her heart was crying and sad. (it was so cute). I asked her what she needed for her heart to get happy, and she informed me that  silly picture would make her heart stop crying. Unfortunately, I was driving and couldn't find a "silly picture" on my phone to help her heart. But a little quiet time, and some time to be sad did the trick, and by the time we got home she was calm and ready for bed.  

Today she didn't want to get up, even after 12 hours of sleep, and I finally had to get her up at 9:15 so she could get ready for her hula class. She was so dazed during the class, it was kind of pathetic. 

But life is back to normal now. Halloween decor is down, and November is here. 


Samantha said...

Her heart was a little sad and crying?! That's the cutest thing I've ever heard. I'm glad it was a fun night!

Piper said...

Halloween is always too much fun! Everyone looks great!

Colleen said...

Awwww! The prettiest bunch of witches I ever did see!