Thursday, May 22, 2014

When I grow up I wanna be famous I wanna be a star I wanna be in movies

I was so fortunate to find this perfect preschool for Q. She had so much fun there, and I think it really sparked in her a love of performing. She had some great teachers last year there, Miss Honey and Miss Nadia. Both great ladies!  Such a fun school!

"when I grow up I want to be a star!"--actual things the Q says. 

This year's recital theme was the 80's! Oh man, I was so pumped to do Q's costume. I think it turned out so awesome. Her performances were all so amazing, and I love how much she commits to each performance...It makes my heart happy, to say the least. I loved everything about it.

Showin' off her karate skills



Kids just wanna have fun

Greatest Love of all

School's out for summer!


Kylie said...

Q is the greatest at everything. period. I love all of this so much. I would have just been weeping tears of joy if I were there.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Q is the best and that is the best preschool ever. Kindergarten here they come!

Angelique said...

I love that she totally gets into it. I bet every other mother/person was just watching her.