Monday, July 28, 2014

let's get together what do you say?

The Earl Reunion was at Bear Lake this year, and it turned out so awesome. We had about 100 people there, and it was fun to talk with everyone and hang out. I barely saw Q the whole time, which was awesome.
The days were spent on our own private beach on the lake. It was the perfect set up. We just set up a bunch of tents and chairs, had a volleyball net tied between two trucks, a bunch of snacks, and the kids busy playing in the shallow water building sand castles, collecting little shells, and having fun. It was ideal!! What wasn't super awesome, is that I overestimated by base tan and, along with many others, got really burned. Oh well. it was super fun, and I didn't shy away from hitting the beach again the next day.

We had lots of yummy food, made by each of the families, and Kylie and I even brought items for a s'mores bar. Saltine cracker, nutella, and marshmallow...just try it. In the evening, the kids either played outside of the cabin, or ran around with whatever cousin they wanted to play with. The adults, hung out on the chairs and couches talking and laughing. One night we played some minute to win it games, and anther night Doug gave a little family history lesson. Mandi and Myca, also spent the better part of day face painting all the was the best!!  But it was just hanging out and talking with family that I enjoyed the most.

We also got some family pictures taken, all wearing the awesome shirt that Jared designed.

Mitch, Q, and I left early Sunday morning to get him to the airport, and then Q and I headed home and slept pretty much the whole day. I was pooped!!

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