Saturday, September 27, 2014

Be true to your school

Q (and I) am loving all the cool things that happen at an elementary school. We are big fans of spirit week, school carnival, classroom parties, and field trips. Q always wants to be involved and I love that I get to do things with her.

Q's school picture!

This was Q's idea for her first crazy hair day. She said "I always have crazy hair, we should boring hair day". So we came up with this common hair style instead. She loved it!

Her school carnival was a lot different than the ones I remember having as a kid, but she had lots of fun and earned enough tickets to bring home a couple new pieces of crap. haha

 On her second crazy hair day, we did a lot of research and she came up with a few ideas. Then we remembered all the flowers she had and thought up this nature inspired hair do.

I was lucky enough to chaperone her first class field trip to the pumpkin patch, and it was so fun. I had a cute little group to watch over, one being Sydney (Q's closest friend) and another being Dirk (a cute boy Q was actually in preschool with)

Q and Sydney have a dramatic friendship for only being 6 haha. Sydney is super in to boys, and often tells Q she's not her friend anymore when she gets a new "boyfriend"...yep, there are only 6.

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