Monday, September 29, 2014

have a world party on the day you came to be

Q turned 6!! I just can't believe it. She is the best thing ever, and brings me joy on a daily basis. She is full of kindness, laughter, creativity, drama, and love. She is my sidekick and I really enjoy hanging out with her.

a basket of shells=heaven

more beanie boos

her own microscope

birthday cone instead of cake
All about Q:

1.What is your name? Qiana Tamara Bates
2.Do you have any nicknames? Q, Qooby dooby doo, Q monster, sugar plum
3.How old are you? 6
4.What is your favorite color? Pink, I mean yellow
5.What is your favorite movie? The Muppets most Wanted
6.What is your favorite TV show? Jessie on Disney Channel
7.What is your favorite thing to eat? Your macaroni and cheese
8.What is your favorite drink? Milk
9.What is your favorite snack? Crackers
10.What is your favorite treat? Vanilla Ice Cream
11.What is your favorite game? Minion Rush
12.What is your favorite toy? Beanie Boos
13.What is your favorite animal? Turtles, cause Donatello is ninja turtle
14.What is your favorite song? Give it to you (muppets most wanted)
15.What is your favorite book? Uh-Oh
16.What is your favorite thing to do outside? Collect stuff
17.What is your favorite thing to do inside? Watch tv
18.What is your favorite part about school? Recess and going on the bus
19.What is your favorite place? Disneyland duh!
20.What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Beanie boo
21.What do you want to be when you grow up? A scientist. Because Donny is a scientist.
22.Who is your best friend? Dirk, cause Sydney doesn't want to play with me.
23.What makes you happy? Family, tv, playing dress up
24.What makes you sad? When mom yells at me
25.What makes you laugh? Jokes, mom tickling me

Random Q pics

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