Friday, June 27, 2008

Time keeps on slippin...slippin....slippin...

I realized today that it has been a week since I last posted. I'm sorry.

There are so many things I could have written about, but i just couldn't find the energy or motivation to write about anything.

I could have done a whole post on...

1. The funny and crazy play that my friends and I went to in Seattle over the weekend. my mom had bought the tickets for me for my birthday...we were supposed to go together
2. The horrible and stressful news we got on monday, and the food binge I went on to emotionally soothe myself
3. The awesome day I had on tuesday spending time with kimmie and elsie in the sun and making jam
4. SYTYCD from this week that was one of the best episodes ever. Such amazing dances
5. My boy dominic and his crew performing on the results show. that made me smile
6. The episodes of "i love the new millenium" on VH1 that had me feeling so nostalgic...did anyone else realize that "cribs" on MTV started in 2001!! crazy. I feel old.
7. The episode of "intervention" that had me wanting to shoot myself in the that guy just kept crying and crying....i was shouting "man up!"
8. The feelings of loneliness, stress, worry, sorrow, unhappiness, contempt, and annoyance that I have been feeling every minute of every day lately and just can't get rid of
9. The little piece of good news I received just moments ago that have me thinking...maybe my life doesn't suck so much after all..

But I didn't blog about any of those things....


Kimmy said...

Glad I was able to deliver some good news! Love you.

lindsay>boo said...

So You Think was awesome this week. LOVED Twitchington, Mark & Chelsea, and Katee & Joshua. Carson is a HUGE fan of Twitch and Gev.

So nice to finally get a little good news for a change.

We have been going through the gamut of emotions as well. I'm so excited to come up next weekend though.

ashleyboice said...

ohhh I am intrigued at what the good news could be. I know that everyone says this and I am sure it gets annoying but I AM thinking about you everyday and praying for you. I know sometimes that doesn't really change things but still I just wanted you to know.

Piper said...

It's okay to feel. Remember that. Whatever the emotion is. Love you so much.

Colleen said...

I loved SYTYCD this week too! I am already dreading when it will end. You and your family continue to be in our prayers!

mumovearls said...

Gosh I loved SYTYCD
I need to get Mitch's # we are going to be in NYC this next week We want to make sure we see him-Nena

melanie said...

I keep watching SYTYCD from this week. Oh it was great!

My first instinct is to 'fix' things for you. For all of you. I know there is no fix and that makes my heart hurt even more for you. Thinking of you often.