Thursday, June 19, 2008

You...are...on my mind...


5. Did Mary Murphy just come from shooting "The Flintstones 3"? What was with her outfit....and the tan....and the triple barrelled hair? agh!

4. Why do they keep doing "Krumping" as a dance style when nobody has ever actually done it right and it just fails. Real Krumping is freakin amazing (see the documentary "Rize" if you doubt) but I just think it can't be choreographed. It's frustrating to watch.

3. Why do the judges love Comfort? I have yet to jump on that bandwagon. Even in the krumping routine she left me needing more from her...and she's a hip hop dancer!

2. Did anyone else feel slightly bad for Susie when she overheard Alex tell the camera that she wasn't a real salsa dancer and just a "street salsa dancer"? I am not her hugest fan, I think the hair and eyebrows have got to go and I think she may be desperate for money since I have yet to see her wear a full shirt...but Alex totally called her out and kind of rudely.

1. how to guarantee yourself a "hit" dance: have the person doing the choreography make it a "personal story". Seriously...who's gonna be the heartless judge and say they hated a dance dedicated to a dead father (like last year) or a disabled daughter...luckily this year that dance went to my favorite couple anyway (twitch and kherington) so I was okay with it...but seriously.


Susan said...


So tired of Mary Murphy.

Do not enjoy Susie, but felt pretty bad for her last night. She'll probably go tonight.

Comfort. AGH!

I liked Kherington and Twitch's dance last night and was a little like, what is your problem Mia Michaels that all she could criticize was her smile. I'm tired of the fact that the judges think they can always "feel" the emotion of the dancers. Ugh.

That's it for me.

krystind said...

i'm with you.

I also liked NOTHING about the king/forbidden lover number.

Colleen said...

Mary's tan was especially orange looking, she can surely invest in some of the higher end sunless tanners, can't she? Maybe Nigel needs to up her salary.

I am not even sure why Susie made it to the top 20, there were a number of better dancers. She is a nice person and all, but her solo salsa moves were not nearly as good as others from past shows.

Agree on the Comfort and Krumping points. I think they are just excited to have a girl hip hop dancer, but I am glad they called her out and said she should have done better.

lindsay>boo said...

I don't know, call me heartless, but I just didn't feel bad for Susie. I agree with Colleen, she shouldn't have even made it to the top 20. Maybe the judges are finally realizing that past all the sex appeal, she's just not as good as the others.

I also agree about Comfort and Krumping. I don't see why they love her so. She should have hit it harder and yeah, no one has done it right on the show.

Loved Twitchington! They are awesome.

Also I must give a shout out to Katee and Joshua. I didn't want to like her but she really did do a good job both weeks. They are one of my favorites now.

Jenifer said...


April said...

I just have to say (still/again) I can't stand Susie and I hope she goes Bye Bye!

Kacey Nielsen said...

I missed Las Vegas so when I saw Susie in the top 20 after her first audition i was SHOCKED. She sucked it up last night.

Love Twitchington, Love Katee & Joshua, have secret crush on Courtney and Matt (tall couple, i think thats his name) I mean dude it is not easy to lift a tall girl.

Oh and weird guy (why do I not know any names) who did the argentinian tango, I so want to hate him because he totally bugs but he did REALLY well last night.

melanie said...

Right when I saw Mary I was like who dressed her and why did she end up on camera. It was so bad. Love your Flinstones reference.

Comfort bugs. And should have done better. (do I sound like a judge?)

Twitchington was awesome. Love the dress and the lighting.

ashleyboice said...

everyone knows I love mary. BUT her BOOBS were out of control on thursday show. and when she said that one of the guys was right there in her tra la la zone or whatever it was I didn't know what was going on. I so love this show. so great.

ashleyboice said...

oh...are you watching celebrity circus?? Embarrassing to even ask but, I recorded it when I saw the girl from clueless was on it (cortney loves her). I actually thought it was...interesting. Man I feel like I just came out of the closet. I am really tempted to erase this but, oh well.

Kimmy said...

Not only did I love the dance Twitchington did, but it was done to a Celine Dion song. You can't beat that! It gave me chills.

Yes, Mary Murphy looked hideous.

Oh how I LOVE this show!

Kimmy said...

Not only did I love the dance Twitchington did, but it was done to a Celine Dion song. You can't beat that! It gave me chills.

Yes, Mary Murphy looked hideous.

Oh how I LOVE this show!

Mitch N' Golden said...

Remember how I have strange crush on the other judge, I feel like R. Kelly she’s got me twisted. I just hope someday she’ll tell me I have what she refers to as, “Organic purity.”

Alyson said...

K, Nate and I thought Mary's outfit looked like she came from a brothel in the late 1800's. Sersiously so nasty.