Friday, September 12, 2008

it's all coming's all coming back to me now....

It's amazing how songs can be so fully attached to a memory or to a specific person. Sometimes hearing a song can instantly bring a face or an event to mind, good or bad. For instance, every time I hear Louis Armstrong's version of "what a wonderful world" I instantly think of the talent show at Juanita Elementary, because that is the ONLY song they played during breaks...over and over....I hate this version to this day. Other songs bring back happy memories, for instance here are 10 songs that have serious memories attached to them...

1. "Donna" by Richie Valens. True orthodontist had an assistant named Donna who kind of drove me and my brother Jared crazy, and every time I hear this song she is the only one who comes to mind.

2. Any song by the Pet Shop Boys. Instantly my uncle Tom comes to mind. Man he loved this group, and I believe had everyone of their cd's. I can still hear it blaring from their home sound system now.

3. Any song by Simon and Garfunkel. My sister Kim went through a major simon and garfunkel phase in high school, even going so far as to name her toyota celica "cecelia" after the song. I couldn't listen to any of these songs for quite awhile because they had been drilled so far into my brain. But now I can appreciate a good S&G tune.

4. "Hook" by Blues Traveler. Some guy named Zach that my sister knew her freshman year of college loved this band and one night he got really into singing this song at her apartment. It was a moment that forever branded this song.

5. "it takes two" and "joy and pain" by Rob base and DJ eazy rock. Sarena "Woodruff" Sharp taught my sister and I how to do the "running man" and "roger rabbit" to these songs. Thank Sarena!

6. "somebody" by depeche mode. I danced with a secret high school crush to this song at a stake dance, and it forever became "our song" (of course he never knew that).

7. Any song by A Tribe Called Quest. Of course these jamz remind of my youth and my "3 wise men" (brother jared, cousins Ryan and Justin). They loved this group, and I in turn love them to this day. Jared and Justin even did an amazing lip sync to "luck of lucien" complete with crazy masks.

8. "rockin robin" by the jackson 5. My sister Kimmie and I, along with a couple friends did a dance to this song in our elementary school talent show. I can still remember a little bit of the that good or bad?

9. "cars that go boom". My cousin Cali and her friend Celeste did a little dance and lip sync to this song that they recorded on to videotape. I remember watching it sooooo many times.

10. "lost in your eyes" by debbie gibson. One of the few POP songs I learned to play on the piano thanks to my childhood friend jamie pritchard.

of course there are so many more that I could name (such as bone thugs in harmony being connected to my cousins Daishan and Britney's friend Mitch who knew every word to every song...seriously who knows the words to bone thugs songs) but these are the ones that came to my head first so they make the post.


dirty>south said...

I don't think even Bone Thugs know the words to their songs.

Oh, and frickin' Donna. She would always shove her boobs right in my face when she worked on my teeth. Perhaps if she were hot it would have been cool.

lindsay>boo said...

How about "All Star" --you know at the best New Year's Eve party ever!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie -

I can still totally see you girls in Sarena's room doing the Running Man and Roger Rabbit - hilarious!
A couple more randome comments as I'm catching up on blogs today - I LOVE your mom's headstone. You all did a great job.
Ricky Schroeder's wife is LDS. Seriously - - someone from our ward in Klamath Falls moved to Grand Junction, Colorado (before he was on that police show after Jimmy Smits) - and they were in his ward. I don't think Ricky's LDS but he attended some of their ward stuff.
We'll all be anxiously awaiting word about your little one! So know you're in our thoughts and prayers every minute!
Love ya - - Janice W.

Kimmy said...

Oh, the flood of memories! Our sweet dance to "domino dancing". My totally awesome high school car. Yes, I remember their friend Mitch and his obsession with Bone Thugs...honestly, I think of that too when I hear any of their songs.

It is crazy how songs can do that! I'm going to have to think of a few of my own.

Colleen said...

I loved little Cecilia the Celica! Did we play any other song besides that our entire senior year? No! Or yes, there was all that Air Supply....

melanie said...

I love a song that 'takes me back'. And when you have such a good list, I remember them, ha!

10 days?! Oh I'm so excited for you to not have heartburn, fingers again and to in general be able to move easier!! And the most exciting part of it all, a sweet baby in the end! I know the list of helpers is long and you hate to ask for help at all but really, I'll do what I can too.

Mitch N' Golden said...

hey oh,

oh when i heard pet shop boys, I was like oh yeah Uncle Tom. Don't worry we could hear it just fine next door! I really want to go domino dancing right about now

Brianne said...

Songs totally take me back too. Tom really doesn't understand the attachment I have on music. He doesn't store memories the way I do! Most of my memories coincide with a song.

Every time I listen to, "To Where You Are" by Josh Groban, I think of watching him on Ally McBeal at your house. "Somebody" by Depeche Mode brings memories to me when my Mom and step dad were dating. I love the song! There are many songs that I hear that remind me of you!!