Tuesday, September 16, 2008

what I need from you is understanding...

My sister told me I needed to blog again, and since I can't think of an original topic I will steal a list from my friend em wizzle. So here it goes...

1. 5 things you are good at...
remembering the previous acting jobs of actors/actresses
eliminating awkward silences or tense moments with a joke
finding new and exciting delicious treats
making kids smile
squishing my head into my shoulders, so that it looks like I have no neck and about
10 chins of fat

2. 5 things you wish you could say to someone...
you are right...that was a stupid question
I'm sorry but I'm afraid you have me confused with someone who cares
If I had your life I would just want to cry all the time
You keep talking and it's making it really hard to pretend you don't exist
So how exactly do you afford that cell phone, when you can't afford teeth?

3. 5 times you can't help but smile...
when my nieces or nephew laugh
when watching SYTYCD and someone just performed an awesome routine
when cuddled on my couch ready for a nap
when I get to set-up timers for my fall shows
when a cute, romantic, but completely unrealistic moment happens between two people on
one of my shows.

4. 5 things you do for fun...
watch tv
hang out with kimmie and the crew
have special times with my friends, like lunch with aubrey, or tv time with em
stalk people through blogs, facebook, or myspace
download music

5. 5 cd's you own...
neil diamond "the greatest hits" (double disc)
cranberries "no need to argue"
fugees "the score"
TLC "crazy sexy cool"
Chicago "greatest hits 1982-1989"


Kimmy said...

Oh, there have been so many times that I have wanted to ask the question about affording a cell phone, or getting your nails done, or some other unnecessary thing!! Maybe it's because we've worked in the medical/dental field too much!

I'm about to go cuddle up for a nap right now...jealous?!

Annie said...

When I read your five CD's...it is a nice feeling to know that some things don't change.

melanie said...

Why is stalking people so fun? I'm not a closet stalker either.

I missed out on nap time today dang it. Now it's time to go get the kids and my day is over....sad.

I love when you share your new and delicious treats cause I love them too!

auntiescary said...

hey Ang! I finally got this thing to work. This has NOTHING to do with this post BUT I want you to know I'm thinking about you. Only a few days left til B-Day. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU. Julie

Anonymous said...

Angie - My favorite on here is the 5 things you wish you could say to someone - - - PERFECT! ! ! Do it - - for all the rest of us who wanna say 'em too!
Looking forward to hearing about your big event coming up - - you're in our hearts!
Love, Janice W

Brittany said...

holy cow- angie, i don't even know if you'll remember me, but i went to (and then worked at) bon losee- i think we were there at the same time- i came across your blog and just wanted to say hi! you look great and it was just cool to find a familiar face! hope you're doing well... later (oh, it's brittany formerly-Reynolds)... and your blog rocks!

Joel and Kristie said...

Is your baby girl still in there?