Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear are appreciated. Don't cha know we love ya?

This weekend was super fun.

Friday Qiana and I just hung out at the house, caught up on shows, did some grocery shopping and played outside. It was a nice relaxing day, which is nice...cause once again she is nasally sick (poor girl).

Saturday I got up and started my "yard project". I knew that yard work kind of sucked, but I had forgotten how much I completely hate it. and my mom's yard needed a lot of work! This one section of the yard is the worst. with the crazy winds of moses lake it traps all the tumbleweeds, leaves from my grandma's oak trees, and anything else blowing in the wind. I had to get all that crap out before I could even begin to get the weeds...yuck. They I just started pulling stuff out from the roots. If it looked like a weed it got pulled. I still have so much to do, but my body was aching, my hands couldn't grip anymore, and...I had somewhere to be...

Emily had gotten free tickets to see "Spamalot" in Spokane on Saturday, so I got a babysitter for Qiana (thanks Vik) and Em and I headed up there for the matinee performance.

That musical just makes me laugh. We had seen it before a couple years ago, in seattle, but were pretty excited to see it again.
Imagine our delight when we saw our seats....not bad huh?

You might recognize the man playing King's none other than Pederman (from Seinfeld) himself. The whole cast was quite entertaining, and it was a great time.

Afterwards Em and I headed to the Old spaghetti Factory for some delicious dinner. Man that Mizthra Cheese dish is my ultimate favorite.

Then on our way home, Em and I did what we always do...sing at the top of our lungs to a random collection of songs. I played two songs from every genre I could think of. But of course our favorite song came during the "rap section". Em and I use to tear it up at karaoke with this 90's Salt and Pepa jam. I miss those days sometimes, but atleast I know that Em and I still "got it". hahahahaa. Enjoy!

I thought Mother's day would be kind of rough this year, but to my surprise I had a great day.

Not that I didn't miss my own mother (cause I did...alot), but people were kind enough to include me in their family celebrations and that made the day really nice.
I joined Michelle and her family for the all-you-can-eat brunch buffet at Michael's...which was delicious. And Qiana got some quality Papa Grout time, although she was sometimes more interesting in putting her hands in his cocktail sauce than playing with him, but she did enjoy him sharing his water with her. silly girl.
That afternoon Qiana and I took some lilacs from my mom's yard to her (her favorite).

We sat by her grave for awhile

and Qiana enjoyed playing in the grass and sitting in the sun.

It was a nice time to reflect and think about what a great opportunity and responsibility it is being a mom

and to realize what a great example I had in my life.

Then last night I headed over to have dinner, great conversation, and a yummy dessert with Tom/Gail, Ryan/Nena (family), Grandma, and Uncle Dave. It was a lot of fun, to sit and talk/laugh with family.


dirty>south said...

hey I meant to write you a Mother's Day note so here goes: "Happy Mother's Day."

Kimmy said...

Minus the yardwork, what a great weekend!! You and Qiana both look so beautiful in all the pictures. Oh, and didn't know you were going to Spamalot.

Yesterday was interesting for me. I missed mom, I thought about her a lot, but more than anything, I just thought about how awesome of a mom she was. It made me happy to think about the great memories I have with her. I'm so glad you went out to her grave. I wished I could've done that also. (Wow, this is getting long.)

Anyway, love you. You are a great mother!!

Colleen said...

Free tickets to Spamalot! You are a lucky girl! I am so glad your mother's day was a good one. I think it is wonderful that you were able to spend some time with her and your baby girl. She was an amazing woman, and her life and how she loved you and your sibs really shines in the amazing parents you all are!

lysh said...

As Kim mentioned I was laughing when you included pulling weeds in your great weekend. I haven't seen Spamalot yet so I'm pretty jealous. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Mother's Day! Motherhood suits you so well!

Emily said...

yeah Motherhood is a good look for you!

Man we do still got it. . . please!!!!!

Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

I thought about you all day sunday! You are a great mom and I love you! :)