Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I wanna have some fun...

*very long memorial day weekend post ahead...I'll try and make it interesting*

Emily and I started off the weekend extravaganza on Thursday night with a little sushi and SYTYCD

Tsunami Sushi (a restaurant here in town) is our new favorite place, and I crave pretty much everyday. We have started to make out way through the "rolls" list, and have to try a new one each time. So far they have been delicious.

Thursday night we filled our bellies with shrimp boats

and the tidal wave and marino rolls.

Qiana wanted to order something

but I let her knaw on some place rice instead....but I think that got boring after awhile.

Friday Carson, Kaiya, and Chloe came to play.

We ate some good food including some popsicles we had made ourselves

played outside and

got wet with a fun little sprinkler I had picked up for the kids.

We all took turns running through it

but kaiya had more fun watering the flowers

while carson had more fun doing this

and chloe just wanted to get wetter and wetter

We also watched movies, played dominoes, and saturday morning hit up the farmer's marker for some fresh food and sno cones.

Saturday afternoon Michelle, Qiana, and I went to the park to watch Emily host the Springfest idol, it was more hot than entertaining, especially since 3 out of the 4 adult singers chose to sing christian pop hits instead of music than anyone knew. We walked around for a bit after, and got some food then headed home for some cooling down. That evening we headed down to the parade. I'm not a big fan of the local parade here, but I thought Qiana would like it and I enjoy mocking the people in the parade..so why not go. Plus it gave Emily an excuse to wear her snuggie in public.

Two funny stories about the parade.
#1 I got Michelle acosted by silly string from a white trash carnie selling light sabers and other crap. We were sitting, waiting for the parade and this vendor is walking up the streets yelling something very inaudible. nobody around us could tell me what he was saying, so I started echoing him...or atleast my interpretation of what he was saying, and the exact volume he was yelling. The people around us thought it was hilarious...maybe he didn't. He then decided to get out his silly string and come towards us. Well I grab Qiana, and Michelle gets up to run away...well apparently that, to him, was a clear sign that she was the guilty party in his mocking, and he goes after her. I, of course, help take the blame off of me and shout "troublemaker" at michelle. We all thought it was pretty funny, and I continued to mock him as he walked away.

#2 Emily is pretty famous around these parts...and for those of you that don't believe me you should have been sitting by us in the parade when multiple people (even out of towners) shouted to her "hey weren't you the host of the lip sync? you are sooooooo FUNNY!". Seriously...it got annoying. But it was just one more thing we get to bug emily about so..winners all around.

Monday the girls and I headed to Leavenworth for a little daytrip adventure.

The weather was gorgeous and it was fun to get out town for a little bit. Of course we had to enjoy a brat, with some delicious sourkraut and mustard...yummy.

Our first stop was in this amazing hat store. They had so many fun hats and glasses to try on that of course we had to get really annoying and put on everything. I'm sure emily will do a whole post about it, but here are the pictures featuring me...

these are my elton john inspired shoice

They had multiple glasses featuring your drink of choice...why would somebody actually wear these?

these glasses make me CRAZY!

My 1950's school picture pose

My little princess...

Emily playing around with the bears in Leavenworth...better be careful

I warned you...

emily apologizing to mama bear

Although there are many things I love about Emily my #1 is the fact that she is willing to do PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING FOR A PICTURE AND/OR A LAUGH. That is how we were able to convince her to try this climbing wall they had set up in town square of Leavenworth.

Hey buddy watch your hands...

Emily tightening things up...looks pretty comfortable?

There she goes...

and there she is...

Oh emily!


Kimmy said...

1- I need to try the sushi place. It really does look quite delicious.

2- I bet Qiana had such a great time having the kids around. They all look so cute in their swimsuits. I bought that same sprinkler for Elsie. :)

3- Springfest is great and all, but, seriously, the highlight would definitely have been seeing the Carnie come after Michelle.

4- I'm want a blown up copy of that last picture of Emily. That got an out loud chuckle! She's so great. :)

Kacey Nielsen said...

There is little better in the world than Emily! You guys get to have such fun outings! Jealous...

Norm said...

oh my gosh i miss springfest and the carnies. And that daughter of yours is adorable.