Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sunny days sweepin' the clouds away...

Shows are ending, which is always a weird time of the year for me. I always feel like it's the end of the school year, or summer camp, and I will miss my tv friends..some for a few months, and some forever (R.I.P prison break, reaper, without a trace, and my name is earl). But alas, life goes on.

Qiana and I have quite enjoyed the great turn in weather and love our time outside each day.

We lounge on the blanket

play some music
eat some ice

(apparently I should start calling her "winnie the pooh")
and play with some toys

....she can't get enough.

(her diva glasses)
Although it is starting to heat up so it will be nice to have a pool to cool down in, cause right now I get a little toasty and Qiana refuses to go inside.

(a battle of wits)

Saturday I finished my weeding and lawn project, and man I got seriously attacked by some of those plants. I should have taken a picture of my arms, but it looks like I got into a fierce battle with a nasty cat...and lost! But now it's done. I told myself I would do one really good weeding job, and if they came back then good for them...we will see what happens. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging out...i didn't even really get ready. Emily and I watched Frost/Nixon which was very interesting, and very good. Sometimes when I'm watching historical movies I feel like I should check out some "us history for dummies" book, cause I either never heard of this stuff or have completely forgotten. But it's nice to watch these kinds of movies and feel slightly more educated.

With the change in weather Qiana now gets to wear her "summer pajamas" and she LOVES the free feeling. She is so funny. I got these pajamas cause I thought the candy theme fit great with her "cookie" nickname her cousins gave her. Carson said he started calling her cookie cause her skin looked like the color of a chocolate chip cookie and her eyes looked like the chocolate chips...so cute. Here she is modeling her new pajamas in her three "poses"....or the positions you are most likely to find her in.

Yesterday, Nena had a couple sick kids and couldn't watch Qiana. It was a last minute thing, so I packed up some of her toys and took her in to work with me. I would have stayed home, but I needed the money, and I had already gotten ready for the day. If I hadn't, things may have turned out differently. Qiana did great... considering. She played on the floor, rolled around until she hit a roadblock, was visited by co-workers, and even managed to sleep a little in a bunch of blankets I laid out in an exam room. I am so lucky that I have a job that I could do this!

Then last night Tom and Gail were kind enough to watch Qiana for a couple hours so I could join Emily at showing "Angels and Demons". Good times!


ReaperDMV said...

No, Reaper isn't dead yet! ABC Studios is negotiating with local CW affiliates to run a third season on Sunday nights. Write your CW affiliate and say there's a fanbase in your area and it would be a ratings boost for them on Sunday nights! Look up your CW affiliate here: http://www.cwtv.com/stations. Also write to ABC Studios http://abc.go.com/site/contactus.html?lid=ABCCOMGlobalFooter&lpos=CONTACT -- encouraging them to keep promoting the syndication of Reaper! International viewers, write your affiliates/networks too. Draft emails and other ideas at reaperdmv.com. Come on, folks! This is our chance!

Kimmy said...

Wow, that is a serious Reaper fan!

Love, love, love all the pictures! I got a little choked up seeing the picture of Qiana drinking out of your cup because it reminded me of Elsie last summer. You are such a great aunt!

angie said...

How did the reaper superfan find this blog anyway? Is he a loyal reader and just had to comment on my small mention of reaper being cancelled? so random.

Supercords said...

I can second your Reaper stalker. I've also heard that it will be brought back for another season. All is not lost.

Collin said...

OH.MY.GOSH! I love those first few pictures of her. Those arm rolls are killing me. SO CUTE. I absolutely adore sweet chubby babies! I am excited to see her in person this summer!

Colleen said...

At least SYTYCD is starting up tonight! Qiana looks like a little sun goddess out on that great quilt! Although NHS had it's many fine qualities, such as fine 1970's murals and Mrs. Sutherland, I think the classes in current affairs lacked greatly. All I remember from my current affairs class is that I got extra credit for missing school to go to the baseball playoffs. At least there is film to educate us all!

Cali said...

My comments are always the same...your baby is seriously ADORABLE!!! The picture of her laying down with the sunglasses is awesome.