Friday, May 29, 2009

I want to love you...P.Y.T...pretty young thing


This is really trippin' me out.
They say time goes by fast, and although I love each new stage she enters it just seems so crazy to think that she is growin' up so fast.
It kills me to be away from her so much each day, but until I find some sugar daddy to support me or aquire some skill that allows me to work from home, I know that I am doing what I need to in order to provide a good life for my family.
Hopefully she understands that.
But judging from the smiles she gives me on a daily basis...I think she understands.
Although there are times of frustration with her, she is still a pretty good baby
and as long as you feed her

change her
let her stand up as much as she wants

look hand!

and take her outside for some playtime

she is content as can be.
She still isn't crawling, and has chosen her mother's method of rolling everywhere instead. The only problem is, like derek zoolander, she isn't an ambi-turner and often gets stuck and can't figure out how to go back to where she came's actually quite funny to watch.
While rolling though, the girl steam rolls by anything in her illustrated in this video (both the video and picture were taken with my phone so...not the best quality)
Look how she navigates around the piano bench...

and then gets stuck in the corner by the couch

...she was crying, but of course I had to take a picture before I tried to show her how to get out of it.
Qiana is also getting to the stage where I have to be in her eyesight or she kind of freaks out, but she is learning how to play by herself (at least for a couple minutes) while mommy eats, cleans, or just takes a breath

She still absolutely adores her auntie em, and pretty much can't concentrate on anything (especially eating) when emily can be seen or heard. It's a bit frustrating, but emily is really entertaining so how can you blame her.
Qiana also is loving other kids, and often can't stop staring at other children when we go out to eat or in the store. there was this one boy at tsunami sushi that I swear she was flirting with...I think i'm in trouble. hahahaha.
Qiana loves dancing, and just giggles everytime mommy shows dances for her. She is starting to do this cute little shimmy move, and it makes me so happy. You know those fathers that buy their little boys sporting equipment as babies hoping they are athletic when older...well I'm one of those moms...if Qiana doesn't have rhythm and can't dance I just don't know what I am going to do. :)
But so far she is doing just great!


lindsay>boo said...

I can't believe she is that old already either! Wow! She is absolutely adorable though. I know, I hope my kids have rhythm too. Carson was totally pumped to watch SYTYCD and started doing his "worm" which turned into the actual worm. I was like, "Yes, that's it!! You did it. Do it again." Then he tried to do it again and now I have to say it's worse then it was ever before because he's consciously trying to do it right.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Not an ambi-turner. That was hilarious. It is crazy to me how similarly Rhode and Qiana are developing and their similar tempermants. Maybe it's a September baby thing. Thank goodness for good happy babies!

Colleen said...

Wow, time really does fly! She is an adorable little girl, Angie, and you are doing a great job as mommy! She is obviously happy and loved so so so so much!

Kimmy said...

Thanks for the video! I love being able to see her in action. She is so cute, so happy, so are doing great! Oh, and you know I'm totally pushing the rhythm thing on Elsie. I don't think I could have another Aaron around the house. :)

Piper said...

8 months, a real milestone! How time flies! She sure is cute Angie! And she looks so happy. Way to go!

Cali said... goes fast. I remember your mom talking about you rolling around like that. I think she was trying to make me feel better, because Ty was like a year old before he could crawl!